Manna from heaven was a challenge to the daily function of the faith-rest drill for the Jews for God specified definite requirements and instructions with reference to how to receive the manna.


  1. While they were traveling the Jews owned no land and had no means of growing their own food, therefore in grace, God provided for them as the new and first client nation.


MAT 8:20  "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head."


  1. If the Jews refused to follow these instructions properly then the manna would not benefit them at all. - In fact, just the opposite, the manna would become a snare to them.


  1. Here again we have the importance of following the Lord's directions or doing a right thing in a right way.


  1. Then once you believe it, then you have the availability of the faith-rest life where upon you wait and rest for the manna from heaven to be dropped down from heaven.
  2. The consistent daily function of the faith-rest drill was the highest possible lifestyle that you could have as a winner believer in the Old Testament.


Corrected translation = 2Jo 8-9, This was Font/Pitch 1,10 - Off.This was Font/Pitch 2,12 - On."Look out for yourselves that you may not lose your momentum which you have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward.


No one has fellowship with God who keeps advancing out of bounds and does not remain on the playing field through the doctrine of Christ."This was Font/Pitch 2,12 - Off.Note:  The change to pitch (12) and font (1) must be converted manually.


If you lose your momentum, if you get out of fellowship and stay out of fellowship, it you grieve and quench the Holy Spirit, then you are going to lose those fantastic escrow blessings that are a part of your portfolio of invisible assets.



God the Father as the grantor deposited into escrow greater blessings for time and eternity.


When we meet the conditions of the escrow (reaching maturity), then our Lord conveys these blessings for time to us.


Then at the Judgment Seat of Christ, He conveys greater blessings for the eternal state to the winner.


The Christian loser is defined as the Church Age believer in Jesus Christ who, through negative volition toward Bible doctrine, has failed to execute the PPOG for the Church Age.


The Christian loser fails to use power options (the filling of the Spirit and metabolization of doctrine) that have been made available.


Instead of becoming an invisible hero, the loser is bored, dissatisfied, preoccupied with self, arrogant, frustrated, distracted, unstable, and unable to utilize the ten problem-solving devices.


Nomenclature For Christian Losers.

  1. The carnal believer, Rom 8:7; 1Co 3:1‑3.
  2. Prisoner to the law of sin, Rom 7:23.
  3. A wretched believer, Rom 7:24.
  4. Grieving the Holy Spirit, Eph 4:30.





  1. Quenching the Spirit, 1Th 5:19.
  2. The enemy of the cross, Phi 3:18.
  3. The enemy of God, Jam 4:4.
  4. The flawed believer, Jam 1:23-24.
  5. The psycho believer or double‑minded, Jam 4:8.


  1. He is described in Gal 5:4 as "drifting off course from grace."
  2. He is described in Heb 12:15 as "coming short of the grace of God."
  3. He is described as "the tormented soul" of 2Pe 2:7-8.


  1. He is described as "the lukewarm believer" of Rev 3:15-16.
  2. He is described as "the shipwrecked believer" of 1Ti:19. Note:  The change to pitch (12) and font (1) must be converted manually."Having doctrine and a good conscience, which some believers have pushed aside, concerning which doctrine they have become shipwrecked."Note:  The change to pitch (12) and font (1) must be converted manually.
  3. He is described as "being under the body of death" in Rom 7:24-25.


For the Old Testament, the highest form of worship as a winner believer was living in the faith-rest life.

As far as New Testament believers are concerned, the highest possible lifestyle we can have is occupation with Christ.


The reason why believers in the New Testament can have occupation with Christ is because we look back at what He did and how He did it whereas the Old Testament believers could only look forward to the fact that He would come and have faith that He would!


What we call in time the PPOG is from the divine viewpoint of eternity past, called predestination = means three things.


  1. Predestination means that there is a plan perfectly designed for you, Eph 1:11 "Having been predestined for a predetermined plan."


Eph 1:11  Also we have obtained an inheritance, having been "predestined" according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will,


  1. Predestination means the possession of your very own personalized and individual plan, Rom 8:29,  "He also predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son."


  1. Predestination means royalty. The believer is Royal Family of God, Eph 1:5, "He has predestined us for the purpose of adoption to Himself."


God   the Father prefabricated the PPOG as the Christian way of life, not human beings and their legalistic standards.


The Jews had to do the same thing but their plan was based upon visual aids such as sacrificing of animals and the furniture in the tabernacle and the Temple or what we call the shadows.


Whether it's the ritual plan of God   or the PPOG it is still based upon the very simple statement that a right thing must be done in a right way.


Notice they were to wash their hands and their feet before entering into a place of fellowship with the Lord, namely the tabernacle.


The death here in the spiritual analogy or as a shadow speaks of a type of death, namely temporal death for us as believers in the Church-age meaning whatever we produce is dead works.


If the priests who represent us as believer-priests in the Church-age wash and clean themselves then notice in verses 22-33, there is the anointing of oil referring to the ministry of God the Holy Spirit being alive in us.


Here God instructed Moses in the making of oil (vv. 22-25) for anointing the tabernacle, its furnishings (vv. 26-29), and the priests (v. 30).


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