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The divine restriction placed upon the first demon invasion during the Tribulation period.

Friday, October 18, 2002

There are two categories of fallen angels under the command of Satan. 1. The non-operational angels.

a. The angels of Gen 6 who were involved in the angelic attack to infiltrate the human race who are now incarcerated underneath the ground in a place called Tartarus.

b. The first demon assault army incarcerated in the abyss at this time.

Paradise For Old Testament believers only - empty since the resurrection of Christ.

Locusts - a*krivde" - akrides = used for an army of destruction.

Locusts invade the land and destroy crops; they are analogous here to the demon army which invades planet earth from the Abyss with one goal in mind, destruction.

For the first time in history, beginning in the middle of the Tribulation, demons are permitted to visibly attack humanity.

Scorpions - skorpioi = belongs to the spider family and is usually 5 or 6 inches long and has a poisonous sting in its tail.

Grace precedes judgment.

There is never a judgment which destroys a segment of the human race, until first that segment of the human race has an opportunity to repent.

Noah preached for 120 years before the flood came.

PSA 76:10 “For the wrath of man shall praise Thee”

They are going to be restricted as to what they can do to their target - made up of people who live in the cosmic system, believers and unbelievers of the Tribulation.

There is an alternative to trying to commit suicide and that is to accept Christ as your personal savior, or in the case of believers, to rebound and get out of the cosmic system.

Pain can serve as a motivation, but in some cases pain can make a person a lot worse.

Pain and suffering and adversity either makes us worse or better, but it never leaves us the same.

The wonderful thing about disaster and adversity and pain and difficulty and problems is that it gives us a fantastic opportunity for improvement.

HEB 9:27 “It is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment.”

I believe that thousands of years after members of the human race are suffering in the lake of fire that if they were offered to believe on TLJC and trust in Him as their Lord and Savior, I believe they would still reject Him.

The more some people suffer, the more bitter and arrogant and hateful and resentful they become.

Satan and the fallen angels still rebel against God even after they were given a second chance or a second trial.

When Satan is put in prison for a thousand years the first thing he does when he gets out of prison is start a human revolt against God.

The sin nature gets more and more corrupt as it gets older, EPH 4:22, and all of those in the lake of fire have their old sin nature.

There are two mandates on this demon army - 1. They cannot destroy vegetation. 2. They are not permitted to kill their targets, torture only.

While demons can perform extra-natural and super-natural acts in the environment of planet earth, they cannot control anything in planet earth apart from divine permission.

1JO 4:4 “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

Those who have the seal of God are those who became saved after the Rapture and during this Tribulation period.

Bond-servants - doulos = those believers who are slaves or servants to God, those believers who carry out the will and the purpose of God.

The target is believers and unbelievers in the cosmic system, but there is no permission to attack believers.

There will be thousands of believers who will not be attacked and who will be protected under the principle of the wall of fire.

Since these individuals have said “no” to the divine plan and therefore yes to the satanic plan, they are now turned over to Satan.

Robert R. McLaughlin All Rights Reserved 2002

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