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The Divine Outworking of all the Purposes and Plans of God.”

Luk 17:11-19 = more people pray than there are those who praise.

  1. They were definitely excluded and hated as if it was their fault that they had leprosy.
  2. They were mocked, feared, rejected, and taunted as they were feeling like and even looking worse than a zombie.

On the way to Jerusalem as our Lord was passing through Samaria and Galilee and He was met by Ten Lepers who were begging to be healed.

This is also a passage that not only describes God’s relationship with man but God’s love for man and His desire for man’s salvation.

Believe it or not, but the entire plan of God for the human race is given in this particular passage; Luk 17:11-19.

What I am about to say, I did not learn from others, I learned from my own doctrine under the principle of ICE what our Lord was about to do and say.
In LUK 17:11, we have the type of Savior and Shepherd who seeks for us, we do not seek for Him.
He was on the way to Jerusalem,” the Jewish City of our God.” =  the Jewish resting place for the people of God.
Ten Lepers also tells us that our Lord also passed through Samaria – those who were half- Jews and half-gentiles.
He passed through Galiee – those who were fully gentiles and not Jewish at all.
The original language of the Bible is known or was known as the Koine (Common) Greek because even the common man could understand it.

As one of the most fantastic languages of the Bible, some interesting grammatical rules apply whereby there are times that the writer can even get the emotion of a word down in the written page.

To know the original language that is used in the Bible is without a doubt, one of the most powerful weapons any of us could ever have.

Think of the privilege of knowing what our Lord thinks!

The way our Lord thinks.

To know how He thinks.

Scores and scores of people who had all kinds of diseases heard that Jesus was coming by and they all wanted a miracle of some sought, especially a certain village.

When you get right down to it, there are two words in this verse that describe the importance of being in the right place at the right time.

Conclusion =  “certain village” really refers to the “Divine Will of God” or the “Divine Appointment for our lives.”

“The Doctrine of Divine Providence” which is a part of the “Divine Nature” found in the Divine  Providence of God.

What does our Lord think about the Divine Providence of God or  “The Divine Outworking of all the Purposes and Plans of God.”

The world and our lives are not ruled by chance, fate, or luck, but by God, who reveals the purpose of providence through the work of Christ on the cross etc. and the revelation of that work in the doctrine of common grace.

Providence is extended to God's forethought, i.e., His omniscience, and the functional care over all creatures both good and bad, but especially to those creatures who are yielded to the will of God.

God's providence is seen in selection at physical birth, and election at the new birth, or regeneration.
You were provided your very own portfolio of invisible assets in eternity past.
You were provided a perfect plan, the PPOG.
You were provided the eternal state which includes your resurrection body and special rewards and blessings for those who execute the PPOG.
Salvation.  There is nothing you can do to cancel God's providence.  His providence is greater than any sin or failure on your part.

You cannot lose your portfolio of invisible assets, whether you use them or not.
You cannot lose the PPOG.
You cannot lose your escrow blessings or destroy them; they will be on deposit forever in heaven if you do not receive them.

The providence of God is also linked to the doctrine of common and efficacious grace.

The providence of God provides the ministries of God the Holy Spirit to make the Gospel real and carry our positive volition to the point of salvation.

The doctrine of providence demands that the power of God be effective in the world of the spiritually dead.

Even though we are dead to God, God is not dead to us.

In His providence, He is effective in the world of the spiritually dead.

The spiritually dead includes every person born into this world.

The Holy Spirit under the providence of God has several ministries to the spiritually dead.
The ministry of common grace.
The ministry of restraining sin in the world.

Were it not for this ministry of restraining sin, human good, and evil, the human race would self‑destruct.

God the Holy Spirit also keeps you from destroying yourself by your sin, good, and evil.

The providence of God protects the human race from self-destruction through divine judgment of individuals, groups, nations, and international organizations that are evil.

In this way, the providence of God provides freedom for the entire human race through the laws of divine establishment.

  1. Human freedom through establishment.
  2. Spiritual freedom inside the PPOG.

1TI 6:13 and so far we have as our translation; 1TI 6:13  I order you in the presence of the God, who preserves alive the all things, and of Christ Jesus,

and of Christ Jesus” = kai Christou Iesou correctly translated; however, it should be translated in the presence of Christ Jesus.....

This is the continuation of the first prepositional phrase in this sentence without the repetition of the preposition, this is because of the genitive case for the phrase of Christ Jesus.

1TI 6:13  I order you in the presence of the God, who preserves alive the all things, and [in the presence] of Christ Jesus, who testified

The word testified is the aor-act-part of the verb martureo which is marturesantos and it does not mean witnessing as we know it and as it is used today for evangelism or personal evangelism.

Witnessing here as an entirely different connotation.

It means to testify in a courtroom.

The aorist tense is constantive which means that it points to the entire period of time when Jesus Christ gave testimony before Pilate which caused Pilate to declare His innocence.

The active voice, Jesus Christ in the trials before Pilate produces the action of the verb.

And the participle itself is circumstantial to describe a unique circumstance in all of human history.

the good confession is the accusative direct object of an adjective and a noun, we have the definite article ten plus the adjective kalen meaning honorable and then the noun homologian translated confession.

before Pontius Pilate is the correct translation, it's the prepositional phrase epi plus Pontiou Pilatou, which is correctly translated before Pontius Pilate.

1TI 6:13  I order you in the presence of the God, who preserves alive the all things, and of Christ Jesus, who has testified the honorable confession before Pontius Pilate,

With the exception of one short interrogation, these six trials were unfair and unjust in every way.

Q = Who was on trial?

A = The unique Person of the universe, undiminished deity and true humanity combined in one Person forever, the Lord Jesus Christ!

1PE 2:22  “He committed no sin, nor was any deceit found in His mouth;”

One of the greatest systems of jurisprudence was used to condemn this One who was not only innocent, but who in His humanity, was also ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

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