There was a seriously deadly and dark side to this unity.


Satan wants a one world government so that he can select a one world leader and he himself would rule the world through his puppet, the Anti-Christ.


As the prophets tell us as well as the Book of Revelation, there will be mass slaughter, mass death.


Mankind was doing whatever he wanted to and once confusion set in there was hardly any restraint because the people could not understand what was happening.


In order to kind of keep a buffer zone, he divided Poland in half so that Jedwabne was in eastern Poland and was never occupied by any Nazi's, it was never occupied by any Germans, it was occupied by Russians.


3,000 people, 1,600 of them were Jews who had lived in the town for 300 years.


In June 22, 1941 and Hitler didn't want that truce anymore because he wanted to defeat Russia so he swept through Poland and the truce was broken and he took that town Jedwabne along with Poland all the way to the Russian border.


On July 10, that's a little over two weeks later, the Gentile townspeople massacred all 1,600 Jews in one day, slaughtered them all.


This nagging event couldn't be explained by the sociologists because that town was never under any Nazi propaganda.

Every single one of those Jews was killed by one of his neighbors.


The question the sociologists asked and they could not  really answer, is how in the world can people in a two week period massacre their neighbors in a blood bath?


The Germans simply gave them permission.


They didn't do it because of race, they did it because they wanted their farms and their farm goods and their furniture and their money and their jewelry and everything they possessed.


Whether it is TLJC and Lucifer;

Cain and Abel;

Moses and Korah, Dathan and Abiram;

David and Absalom;

Samson and Delilah;

Jesus and Judas;


Gen 11  - at the Tower of Babel, all it would take to create a world in which people massacre each other is to have one government that says, "You can do that."


Jedwabne is a testimony to the wretchedness of the human heart.


When sinners get concentrated under one power in one place, wickedness abounds.


All you have to do is just remember the greatest amount of crime and wickedness in the world occurs where?


In the cities. And the bigger the city, the worse it is.

Man was evil in one package would abound to such a degree that there would be no way to preserve him from self destruction because man by nature, Romans 3, "is swift to shed blood."


God knew the sinfulness of the post-flood people was the same as the sinfulness of the pre-flood people.


The people who could communicate with each other would group together and they would separate from the people with whom they could not communicate with.


Watch who you communicate with!


Prin- MAR 4:24 "Take care what you listen to."

Prin - LUK 8:18 "Therefore take care how you listen;

Prin - JOH 7:24 "Do not judge according to appearance,"


At the Tower of Babel, they didn't even understand what was going on because there had always only been one language and one set of words.


National Review online reported recently that thousands of human languages are heading toward extinction.


The 15 most common languages are now on the lips of over half the world's people.


Ninety percent of humanity speaks 100 languages.


We're down to 6,800 languages today, half of those are spoken by 2,500 people, and as I said 90 percent of the world speaks 100 languages.



"At the current rate," says the National Review, "linguists estimate that by the end of this decade half the present languages will be completely gone."


God knew the potential power of evil contained in a unilateral structure.


Nimrod name means rebel.


He was a mighty hunter which means literally a warrior.


Nimrod rises to lead these thousands of people who've come from the line of Noah and his family and he reaches his position by wickedness, by being a tyrant, by being a killer.


He's pictured as having this great kingdom, that's sort of centered in this place called Babel which is the capital city of the empire that he's building in the Mesopotamian valley.


He builds a kingdom of evil, a kingdom of rebellion, idolatry, and pride very much like the later king of Babylon by the name of Nebuchadnezzar.


Later on the Babylonian empire, Nebuchadnezzar, the great king in Daniel's time, is still located in Shinar and Babylon is just a later version of Babel.


The power of evil is greater when it's concentrated.


Gen 11, apparently they had highly developed architecture skills, building construction skills, they wanted to build a city where they could live together for their own fulfillment and their own satisfaction.


Secondly they wanted to build a tower.


"Let us build a tower who's top," and will reach "is" is n italics in the NAS which means it's added to try to help you to clarify things, if you just take that out, "who's top into heaven."


This was their supposed connection to the gods which indicates that they had already begun to worship false gods.


This kind of tower became very common in Mesopotamian religion, if you, you may have heard this word, ziggurat, a very common edifice to find in the ancient cities in the area of the Mesopotamian valley.



It was, in theory, a ladder by which the gods could descend and ascend and make connection with men, a step ladder.


You went there to worship the ascending and descending so-called gods but not the God.


The Bible traces all false religions back to where? Babylon!,

Rev 17 and Rev 18.


Rev 17:5 indicates that all the false religions of the world find their way back to Babel.

Rev 17:5  and upon her forehead a name was written, a mystery, "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH."


The gods of Rome, the gods and goddesses of Greece, India, Egypt, the original Pantheon of the Babylonians, all sort of comes from Babel.


One historian says Nimrod himself was apparently deified as the chief God, Marduk of later Babylon.


They turn Nimrod into a God in later worship in Babylon and they built the tower whose top is in, with, on, or by heaven.


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