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Doctrine of Enemyship, Part 14. A lesson to learn from a reversionistic believer.

Sunday, December 31, 2000

Point 8. God is the Enemy of the Reversionistic Believer, 1SA 28:16.

David is the carnal believer - the carnal believer is a temporary enemy of God by being out of fellowship, ROM 8:7-8.

The Philistines were the enemies of Israel and because David had not waited upon the Lord, he has now compromised his doctrine and is on the side of Israels enemy.

The promotions of the world are often contrived to take the believer away from the plan of God.

Turn to 1PE 5:6

The priests would communicate the written word and Samuel and the prophets would communicate the spoken word through revelation.

The death of Samuel and the absence of David leaves the people without reliable leadership.

Everyone had appreciated Samuel - some because of his priestly function, some because of his prophetic function, and some for his rulership.

Ramah - known as a doctrinal center and it was a place Saul passed by many times.

Haa`obowt - refers to ventriloquist demons, a necromancer, one claims to practice communication with the dead or the spirits to foretell the future.

Wizards - males who claimed to have contacted with ghosts and the spirit world and usually imparted information to tell people about the future.

Contact with necromancers and mediums was specifically forbidden by the Word of God, LEV 19:31.

Contact with necromancers and wizards was a sign of backsliding and brought divine discipline, LEV 20:6.

Necromancers and mediums were to be apprehended and put to death through capital punishment, LEV 20:27.

Saul died the sin unto death for seeking counsel from a demon-possessed woman, 1CH 10:13.

King Manasseh - had relationship with demons. He had many séances. He even went in for child sacrifices including sacrificing his own.

` anan - to observe times referring to such things as horoscopes, etc.

Divination refers to putting spells upon people, and to charm completely with delight.

Turn to 2CO 6:14

Turn to 1SA 28:5

leb - the place where all the thinking is done.

In Sauls case, the domination reactor factor in the life of King Saul was his jealousy of David.

It was jealousy that motivated the first murder to take place, GEN 4:5.

His NVTD, led him to the second stage of reversionism, which is the frantic search for peace or happiness.

Turn to PRO 24:17

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