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The Doctrine of Fear. Part 15.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The pre-designed plan of God is the provision of the sovereign will of God for you from eternity past to execute God’s plan, purpose, and will for your life.

1. Gospel, 2CO 4:3-4.
2. Ministers,
2CO 11:13-15.
3. Doctrines, 1TI 4:1.
4. Communion table, 1CO 10:19-21.

5. Spirituality, GAL 3:2-3.
6. Righteousness, MAT 19:16-28.

7. Counterfeit Christian way of Life, MAT 23:13-36.
8. Power and dynamics (miracles, healing, tongues) 2TH 2:8-10.
9. System of Gods,
2TH 2:3-4.

The cosmic system is Satan’s classroom for the deception behind fear.

Human history is the resolution of the prehistoric angelic conflict.

In order to vindicate himself and His judgment of the fallen angels, God conceived a plan by which sinful human beings could glorify

On the other hand, in order to justify his rejection of the prehistoric grace offer from God, Satan conceived a plan or a system designed to counteract the plan of God.

In God’s thinking, human beings can only vindicate God, as well as themselves, by the free use of their free will or volition.

1. To keep the unbeliever, namely, from believing in Jesus Christ by attacking the gospel by destroying it.
2. Or by replacing it.
3. The attack against the soul is addiction.
4. The purpose is to destroy the believer’s relationship with God.
5. The Sin nature – Satan’s secret agent.
6. Self-righteous legalism.
7. Lascivious lawlessness.
8. The lust pattern of the old sin nature.

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