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The Doctrine of Negative Volition. Part 2. Saul's negative volition and the witch of endor.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Doctrine of Negative Volition.

Negative volition is refusal of Bible doctrine divided into two categories.
A. Primary negative volition is refusal to assemble for Bible teaching, the rejection of your right pastor teacher and his authority.
B. Negative volition - refusal to transfer doctrine from the left lobe to the right lobe.

There is also the refusal of the faith-rest technique as a part of negative volition.

He fails to appropriate promises, to utilize doctrine which he has already learned, to utilize the principles and to mix them with his faith, HEB 4:2.

Saul went to the witch of Endor, held a seance, and still there was silence, until Samuel entered the scene.

Urim and Thummin

The real breastplate or the checkerboard, the Urim and Thummin, is with David.

Saul executed 85 priests, 1SA 22:18, and the Ephod went with the one priest who escaped, Abiathar, 1SA 22:22.

You have to have the real thing, the high priest and the breastplate, and Saul had neither.

When the backslider or the reversionist needs doctrine the most, he has it the least.

In verse 6, the reversionist or the backslider seeks miracles, signs and wonders in time of pressure. The reversionist or the backslider is totally thoughtless.

“I know you are busy but, I’d like to take a few moments of your time.”

Translation: three hours of boring, dull, depressing conversation, usually a monologue.

Reversionists or backsliders are usually thoughtless; they are whiners, selfish, they lack sensitivity and common courtesy.

The first sign of a reversionist or backslider is his refusal to listen to the word of God.

Only believers with doctrine can survive the heartaches, the pressures, the catastrophes of life.

Saul lost the spiritual battle before he lost the physical or natural battle.

You never lose the visible without first losing the invisible.

Saul is now accepting necromancy which is the practice of supposedly communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future.

He is in the last stages of reversionism, which is hardness of the heart, blackout of the soul, ending in physical death.

Contact with necromancers and mediums was specifically forbidden by the word of God, LEV 19:31.

Contact with necromancers and mediums was a sign of reversionism or backsliding and brought on divine discipline, LEV 20:6.

The believer who has negative volition toward doctrine will end up with the vacuum of the soul opening up and drawing in 1TI 4:1, doctrine from demons.

The black-out of the soul plus the hardness of the heart causes the believer not to understand doctrine they have previously understood.

If Saul had been learning his doctrine he would have known and understood the book of Judges and how Gideon handled this same problem, and at this point it was one bit of doctrinal information he could have applied.

You never know when you are studying the word of God, what doctrine you are going to need.

If Saul had simply remembered what Samuel had taught him about Gideon he would have been victorious.

Reversionism or backsliding leads to instability.
 Frightened one moment and courageous the next.

The reversionist or the backslider seeks to use the Lord.

Delusion, deception, and superstition mark the believer who is backslidden.

The reversionist or the backslider can use a number of disguises; here it refers to clothes but in other cases it could also mean vocabulary and personality disguises.

He is obviously unstable, JAM 1:8; JAM 4:8.

Saul is only going to change his clothes to disguise himself, but the most dangerous types are those who change their personality.

Just as you would use clothes to disguise the body, personality can disguise the soul.

It is interesting that Saul was the king who had prohibited the practice of divination and necromancy.

What has happened to Saul in reversionism explains why many believers begin with doctrine as Saul did, sound, conservative, courageous, but then they give lip service to doctrine and reversionism always changes these people.

Life is something that continually changes.

We not only undergo physical change as we stay in this world, we also undergo mental change and spiritual change.

Cowards do the wrong-brave things.

In dangerous situations, cowards are unpredictable.

1. Saul’s military is weak and limited.

Because Saul has been so busy with personal vengeance, chasing David, that he has neglected the military training of his nation.

2. Saul is a believer, a reversionistic backslidden believer.

Saul should have been listening to doctrine; instead he is creeping from rock to rock, so as not to be seen, going to a seance.

3. It isn’t courage that is needed; it is good training and discipline. Heroes don’t make the difference. Brains make the difference. Brains, discipline, and recognition of authority equals victory.

4. The Jewish army no longer has discipline.
5. Saul is now under the sin unto death and divine discipline. Jonathan wasn’t a reversionist or the backslider, but he is going to die by association.

6. Saul’s problems =
a. He is desperate
b. He is confused
c. He is filled with human viewpoint
d. He is under demon influence
e. He has blackout of the soul
f. He has hardness of the heart

ZEP 3:15 The king of Israel, the Lord, is in your midst; you will fear disaster no more.

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