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The Doctrine of Negative Volition. Part 4.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Negative volition also refers to the believer who takes in doctrine until he reaches maturity but reacts to disillusion, boredom, discouragement, self-pity, frustration, or some other reactor factors in his soul, which becomes an obsession.

Saul’s reactor factor in his life was his jealousy of David.

He wound up under reverse process reversionism and the sin unto death.

Negative emotionalism describes the believer who becomes negative to doctrine.

In his emotional revolt, he uses his emotion as the criterion or the standard for everything.

Satan administers his authority by means of a great invisible host of fallen angels known as demons. In REV 12:4, Satan convinced one-third of the angels in heaven to follow him in his rebellion against God.

Satan specializes in unseen or invisible attacks.

It is when a demon possesses a man that some obvious evil comes into the picture.
Ever since Gen 6, when demons had sexual intercourse with the women on the earth, certain fallen angels have been placed in a prison, 2PE 2:4; Jude 6.

Demon influence and-or demon possession is now the order of the day.
However, free will involvement is the only way demons can operate.

The witch of Endor lived a long, long time ago in a land when human sacrifice was offered up to idols. Only a weirdo would follow such a weird god.

1. Demon possession does not always mean abnormal behavior.
2. God ordained capital punishment for anyone who was demon possessed in Israel, LEV 20:27.
3. Demons are also the gods of many nations, PSA 96:5.
4. Demonism is also the source of murder.

Satan has the power of death which he has delegated to demons when permitted to do so, 1JO 3:8; HEB 2:14-15.

Job had 10 children (7 sons and 3 daughters) and Satan had them killed by demons, JOB 1:12-19. It was some demon under Satan’s command that motivated Cain to kill Abel, 1JO 3:12; JOH 8:44. Satan was also given the opportunity of executing the sin unto death to a born-again believer in Corinth, 1CO 5:5.

We have the thorn in the flesh, 2CO 12:7, the skin cancer that came to Job in JOB 2:6-8. Many other diseases like deafness, dumbness, blindness.

Here we have a case of the obh or the ventriloquist demon. A trance means the woman has lost consciousness and the demon now speaks using the vocal chords of the unconscious person.

The dead really came back from the dead. At the end of this chapter the witch of Endor ends up being the woman of Endor.

In the battle of Giboea which was about to take place, Saul will be outsmarted and out-thought by King Achish.

He once had the Spirit of God upon him mightily, 1SA 11:6.
He was also very humble says 1SA 9:21.
The Lord anointed him king over Israel, 1SA 15:17.
In 2SA 21:6, Saul was the chosen one of the Lord.

A believer minus doctrine is dumber than an unbeliever.

1. He can stay a backslider or reversionist until he dies the sin unto death.
2. He can rebound and recover (as David did).
You can reap what you sow or you can reap what God sows.

Nebuchadnezzar - the disease he received from jealousy, lycanthrope disease, is acting like a wolf or an animal.

He either uses words as a smoke screen or silence. In life, people are going to tell you one thing and mean something entirely different.

What has happened to Saul in reversionism explains why many believers begin with doctrine as Saul did, sound, conservative, courageous, but they give lip service to doctrine and reversionism always changes these people.

Life is something that continually changes. We not only undergo physical changes as we stay in this world, we also undergo mental and spiritual changes.

Whether you like it or not, you are in a constant state of change. The importance of things can be measured by how much time we are willing to invest in them.

The key to change is to let go of fear. The only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.
If we don’t change our direction we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.
- Chinese Proverb

We must change if things are to get better.

No believer ever enters into a reversionism or a backslidden state without first destroying himself and then everyone connected with him.

People play a little game sometimes called, “Who’s not here?”

GAL 5:15 But if you bite and devour one another, take care lest you be consumed by one another.

The priests would communicate the written word, and Samuel and the prophets would communicate the spoken word through revelation.

Samuel wrote 1Sa and 2Sa; after his death the prophets Nathan and Gad finished out the parts of Samuel that Samuel did not finish; 1CH 29:29 tells us that.

Death meant to Samuel that his work was finished; he was a prophet and a priest.

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