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The Doctrine of Negative Volition. Part 8.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The message that he is going to give has previously been given on many other occasions.

Saul has been whining and complaining about all of the things he needs, the problems that he has, and he wants the whole world to stop and cater to him.

Negative volition toward doctrine has changed this man completely; it has changed him physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A believer who has negative volition toward doctrine will look old before his time, have a soul that is warped and is filled with misery and disappointment.

Because no matter how nice your mirror tells you are, how attractive or how nice you appear, none of these things matter when the chips are down.

Human ability and human strength, human personality will not sustain you in time of pressure.

They are very insensitive about the feelings of others and hyper-sensitive about the feelings of self.

His soul fainted because it was minus doctrine and his body fainted because it was minus physical food.

HEB 12:3 For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you may not grow weary and lose heart.

ISA 1:5 Where will you be stricken again, you continue in rebellion? The whole head is sick, And the whole heart is faint.

PRO 24:10 If you are slack in the day of distress, Your strength is limited.

This is the case of the witch turned woman.

She is now called “ha ishshah” - the woman.
She used to be called “eshleth obh,” mistress of a demon; now she is “ha Ishshah,” the woman.
She calls herself a maidservant or a shipchah - your female slave.

When you find a compassionate woman you are in the presence of a lady with great beauty.

Women are either carried away with their own beauty or their own selfish objectives or their own self-importance, or they could be genuine with their compassion.

Just like the male species, many females have the body of a woman but the soul of a child.

There are many young men who go from their mother to a wife-mother and have exactly the same problem.

1SA 28:22 She kept on saying, “Will you please listen to me?”
One of the things that characterizes agitation, fear, and shock is inability to concentrate.

Eat - Qal imperative, a command.
1SA 28:22 “Let me set a piece of bread before you and eat it that you may have strength when you go on your way.”

The weaker the man the stronger the woman.
She starts out with “If you please,” but she ends up with a command to eat.

Saul is in one of the worst situations a man can be in; he has a woman feeling sorry for him.

1SA 28:22 “So now, I pray you, listen also to the voice of your handmaid and let me set a morsel of food before you, and eat, so you may have strength when you go on your way.” - AMP

1SA 28:22 “It’s your turn to do what I tell you: Let me give you some food. Eat it. It will give you strength so you can get on your way.” - Message

When a woman starts using imperatives and starts commanding, the man is no longer a man.

Hardness of the heart is manifested by rebellion and stubbornness.

1SA 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.

It is kind of fitting that an unbeliever, who was a former demon possessed person, should have the honor of giving Saul his last meal.

The calf is the most expensive of all the sacrifices and
unleavened bread is a reminder of who and what Christ is in His humanity.

The calf represented the sacrifice of Christ for us.
The unleavened bread speaks of fellowship with God on the basis of our Lord’s sacrifice.

Now he goes out into the night, the night of confusion and despair and selfishness.

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