Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ISIS = an abbreviation of the Islamic  State of Iraq and Syria, though now we are also using the acronym ISIL, which is broader  than Syria. Acronym - an abbreviation used as a word or phrase.

NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization AIDS: Acquired Iimmuno-Deficiency Syndrome SAT(s): Scholastic Achievement (or Aptitude) Test(s)

Although their real agenda whether knowingly or unknowingly, is given in one word = anti-Semitism.

Social media accounts associated with ISIS have published disturbing videos showing ISIS fighters taunting, torturing and executing scores of unarmed prisoners.

PHI 3:20  For our citizenship [politeuma, or heavenly privilege] exists in heaven, from which place we eagerly anticipate the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ;

2PE 3:13  But according to His promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells.

All of this then leads us to continue with our second point which is Point 2. The Pivot and the Client nation.

Satan wants to destroy the nation of Israel and the Jewish people because he does not want God to be able to keep His word--to keep
His promises--His unconditional Covenants.

a.  Abrahamic Covenant = race for CNI. b.  Palestinian Covenant = land for CNI. c. Davidic Covenant = dynasty for CNI. d. New Covenant = restoration of CNI.

PHI 3:1b; On the one hand, to be repeating the same doctrinal principles to you is not troublesome to me, while on the other hand, it is a basis of security for you.

1. In 1975 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution defining Zionism as a “form of racism and racial discrimination.”

2. Being racist is the universal description that other nations accuse the Jews of being.

3. Anti-Semitic leaders around the world spread fear and irrational hatred among their own people toward the Jews.

4. Ever since the Jews were established as a national entity in 1948, Israel has been forced into war, compelled to fight or be driven into the Red Sea and annihilated.

5. These same nations if faced with similar threats of annihilation would react a lot worse than Israel, who are not really reacting but protecting their nation.

6. They want Israel to comply with a norm of conduct that other governments would not require of themselves.

7. The hypocrisy of castigating Israel for their behavior of protecting themselves as a nation and as a people called the Jews is acceptable to these nations as if they were the very righteous ones from God themselves.

8. Minor skirmishes between Israel and her Arab neighbors are extensively reported, while the war between Iraq and Iran, one of the bloodiest in this century with over a million casualties, passed with far less attention.

PSA 122:6   Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: [and if we do, David said] "May they prosper who love you.

9. The fact that more Palestinians have died at the hands of their brother Palestinians than by the Israelis was buried on a back page or ignored entirely.

10. Bernard Lewis observes that the Arab war against Israel has become generalized as a war against all Jews.

As proof he quotes excerpts from certain literature, textbooks, and newspapers of Islamic and Arab nations which depict Jews collectively as hostile, hateful, and subhuman or less than human.

In addition, censorship by Arab governments or by Arab journalists often eliminates any portrayal of Jews in a favorable light.

Anti-Semitic incidents, such as the promotion of Jewish conspiracy propaganda in Sweden by “Radio Islam,” actual threats against
Jews in Moscow, and attacks on synagogues in Romania and France, are becoming commonplace.

In Soviet Russia the rise of nationalism parallels the rise of prejudice against even the Russian Jews.

Even Poland and Hungary, which had their Jewish populations exterminated in the Nazi Holocaust, are exhibiting signs of rekindled anti-Semitism.

Pseudo-Christian groups - “Identity Churches,” "Christian Defense League", Aryan Nations, Christian Patriots Defense League, Ku Klux Klan, dispensationalist, =  Jews are responsible for world problems.

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Black Muslim group “Nation of Islam,” calls Judaism “a gutter religion” and declares Hitler “a great man."

He said that in the new York Times March 2, 1990.

The neo-Nazi “Skinhead” which is based upon anti-Semitism and one of the reasons they wear the (swas-ti-ka) swastoka is growing ever more visible and vocal.

At the same time, the Anti-Defamation League reports that anti-Semitic incidents ranging from desecration to murder, are reaching  their highest level ever.

That even though we are a Client Nation to God, and even though we still have a pivot of spiritually adult believers, neither the United States nor any other nation can afford anti-Semitism.

Jesus Christ is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To deny Him signifies rejection of the spiritual heritage of the Jewish people and constitutes the underlying cause of many catastrophes in Jewish history.

No one, especially the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, should ever participate in anti-Semitism.

Keeping the divine perspective in mind is what guards us against any form of anti-Semitism.

The assimilation of the divine perspective comes from hearing and believing the message of the Bible.
Is America in danger of divine judgment.

In grace God always warns us before judgment.

Do we pray for riches, for power, for the success of our national agendas?

1JO 5:14 And this is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.

Without truth, there is no real love.

On a day that so embodies the future course of our nation, it is critical that we must both pray and speak what is true.

Why are we to pray for our nation and also the nation of Israel?

Let's answer this question by starting with the phrase God’s Chosen People?

There is a difference between application and interpretation.

The interpretation translated "apple of His eye" is a reference to God calling Israel the “apple of His eye” which is a term of endearment (ZEC 2:8).

ZEC 2:8  For thus says the Lord of hosts, "After glory He has sent me against the nations which plunder you, for he who touches you, touches the apple of His eye.

MAL 3:6;  "For I, the Lord, do not change; therefore you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed."

God is also seen as the husband of Israel ISA 54:5 "For your husband is your Maker, Whose name is the Lord of hosts; And your
Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, Who is called the God of all the earth.

2CH 6:6, “Yet I have chosen Jerusalem, that My name may be there, and I have chosen David to be over My people Israel.”

Wherever God places His name is where He still places His love.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem, knowing what their fate held, “As He approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it” (LUK 19:41).

When America withdraws her support and defense of Israel, God could take His hand of blessing off of the U.S.
Israel is surrounded by hostile nations (the key word here is the word surrounded and they are also surrounded by a religion (Islam) that seeks her destruction.

Therefore, a blessing is pronounced over those who will pray for and bless Israel (NUM 24:9).

God will never abandon Israel and in the end, Israel will be saved by God Almighty (MAL 3:6, ROM 11:1).

ROM 11:1  I say then, God has not rejected His people, has He? May it never be! For I too am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.

Since Paul commands Christians to pray for governmental authorities and leaders, (ROM 13:1-7) why should we not also be praying for peace in the Middle East and in particular, for Israel?

ISA 48:12  “Listen to me, Jacob, Israel, whom I have called: I am he; I am the first and I am the last.”

PSA 105:43 “He brought out his people with rejoicing, his chosen ones with shouts of joy.”

ISA 41:8-9 “But you, Israel, my servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, you descendants of Abraham my friend, I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you.”

ROM 10:1  Brethren, my heart's desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation.

Believers today are grafted into the natural olive tree - described as ethnic Israel - for we are “fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household” (EPH 2:19).

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