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The Doctrine of the Second Advent. Part 2.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Salvation – soteria = sometimes it means salvation in the sense of redemption, but more often, as here, it refers to deliverance.
The Doctrine of the Second Advent.
Point 1. Definition.

Advent – the Coming or the Arrival of something extremely important.

The First Advent begins with the virgin birth and concludes with the resurrection, ascension and session.

The Second Advent is the second coming or the second time our Lord comes back down on the earth.

Point 2. The Distinction Between the Rapture and the Second Advent.

1. R – Private, Acts 1:11
SA – Public, REV 1:7.
2. R – In the air, 1TH 4:17
SA – On earth, ZEC 14:4.

3. R – Judgment of believer’s works,
2CO 5:10.
SA – Baptism of Fire, MAT 25:31-46.

4. R – Church goes to heaven, JOH 14:3.
SA – Church returns with Christ, 1TH 3:13.
5. R – Holy Spirit is removed, 2TH 2:6.
SA – Removal of Satan,
REV 20:1-3.

6. R – Change in believer’s body, PHI 3:21.
SA – Earth is changed, ZEC 14:9; ROM 8:19-22.

7. R – Christ appears as the groom.
SA – Christ appears as the Messiah.
8. R – End of the Church-age.
SA – End of the Jewish age.

9. R – Israel under the fifth cycle of discipline.
SA – Termination of the fifth cycle of discipline.

10. R – Believers taken from the earth,
1TH 4:13-18.
SA – Unbelievers taken from the earth,
MAT 24:37-43.

11. R – A time of comfort, 1TH 4:18.
SA – A time of terror, REV 6:15-17.

Point 3. Analogies to the Second Advent.
The Analogy of Nature: Lightning –
MAT 24:27 For just as the lightning comes from the east, and flashes even to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.

The Second Advent also travels at great speed, REV 22:7,12.

The Second Advent disturbs and frightens the unenlightened,
REV 6:15-17.

The Second Advent warns of a coming storm.

The Second Advent – storms of coming judgment.
The annihilation of the invading armies against Jerusalem.
The judgment of Satan and the fallen angels. –

The judgment of the beast and false prophet.
The baptism of fire which removes all unbelievers from the earth.
The administration of the fifth cycle of discipline to certain nations.

Point 4. The Second Advent and Armageddon.

Armageddon = Jesus Christ comes back to slaughter the anti-Semitic armies, EXO 14:14;
JOS 5:13-6:2; ISA 37:36; EZE 38:16.

Our Lord’s own record for killing in war is broken at the Second Advent, ISA 34:5-6; ISA 63:1-6.

Point 5. The Second Advent and Operation Footstool.

PSA 110:1 The Lord says to my Lord: “Sit at My right hand, Until I make Thine enemies a footstool for Thy feet.”
HEB 1:13; HEB 10:13 – Christ receives His battlefield royalty and waits.

During the Church-age, the royal family represents Christ on earth, not Israel.

After the Rapture, the Age of Israel resumes.

The bride receives a body like Christ’s, PHI 3:21;
1TH 5:23. Then the bride returns with Christ as a part of operation footstool,
1TH 3:13; REV 19:6-8.

Satan is locked up for 1000 years, REV 20:1-3.

There is the triumphal procession of Christ,
ZEC 13:2 cf COL 2:15;
1CO 15:24-25.

Point 6. The Baptism of Fire and the Second Advent.

The baptism of fire is the means by which all the unbelievers are removed from the earth and cast into fire.

Only mature believers of the Church-age will rule with Christ in the Millennium, 2TH 1:7-9, REV 2:26-28.

Jesus Christ first mentioned the baptism of fire in MAT 3:11-12;
LUK 3:16-17.

MAT 24:36-41 is an analogy to the baptism of fire.

a. The wheat and the Tares, MAT 13:47.

b. The bad fish,
MAT 13:47-50.

c. The ten virgins,
MAT 25:1-13.

d. The Jewish baptism of fire is found in
EZE 20:34-38.

The Gentile baptism of fire is found in
MAT 25:31-46.

The baptism of fire vindicates the character of God, REV 19:11.

Point 7. The Second Advent and the Millennium.

Satan and demons are removed, REV 20:1-3.

There will be maximum spirituality, ISA 65:24.

Evangelism continues on the earth.

Israel is restored as a client nation to God,
ISA 5:26-30; ZEC 2:28-29.

All the unconditional covenants to Israel are fulfilled, DAN 9:24.

a. Universal peace,
PSA 46:9; ISA 2:4;
HOS 2:18; Micah 4:3.

b. Universal prosperity, PSA 72:7, 16.
c. Perfect world government under Jesus Christ and the royal family, ISA 11:1-2;
ZEC 14:9.

d. Perfect objectivity in the administration of justice, ISA 11:3-5;
PSA 72:12-14.

e. Nature changes radically.
Creation shares the bondage of sin,
ROM 8:19-22, and is released from this bondage.
Isa 35 says that flowers abound, ISA 11:6-9; ISA 65:25.

f. There is a population explosion, no death except for capital punishment.

Then the Gog revolution is started by Satan after his release from prison because there are unbelievers on the earth, REV 20:7-10.

Redemption will have been accomplished and the sovereignty of God will have been manifest on the earth.

Point 8. The Views of the Second Advent.

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