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Robert R. McLaughlin
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In his First Advent, he was successful in destroying perfect environment when he deceived the woman in the garden, as perGEN 3:1-6.

In his Second Advent just like his First Advent, the conspiracy and the revolution of Satan will fail as noted in Rev 20 at the end of the Millennial reign.

In both advents, Satan alleges to improve what God has created in perfect environment and to do that, he has to lie and deceive a lot.

He lied to the woman and said that she could be as smart as God if she ate of the fruit,  GEN 3:5.

He will lie to billions and billions of people and tell them that they could have it a lot better if they would only follow him.

The end of history like the beginning of history will demonstrate man’s need for a relationship with God through faith in Christ.

No matter where you go and wherever you put certain people and whatever you give them as far as blessings are concerned, some of them are simply never going to change.

2CO 13:11, Finally, brethren, rejoice [have the perfect happiness that comes from God], be made complete or mature, be comforted, be like minded, live in peace or prosperity; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.

PHI 3:1, Finally, my brethren, rejoice [be happy] in the Lord. To write the same things {again} is no trouble to me, and it is a safeguard for you.

PHI 4:4, Rejoice [or be happy] in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice [be happy or have the happiness of God].

1TH 5:16 Rejoice or be happy always or at all times;

God will keep you alive long enough to attain that perfect happiness, provided you are faithful in the perception of Bible doctrine.

+H  is attained in the three stages of spiritual adulthood, and is a part of glorifying God in the Church-Age.

Since the acquisition of the perfect happiness of God is related to spiritual adulthood and the glorification of God in the predesigned plan of God for the Church Age, such happiness is a command.

PSA 97:12   “Be happy in the Lord, O righteous ones, and give thanks for the memory of His holiness.”

We have the imputed righteousness of God ever since salvation, which qualifies us to be the recipient of God’s personal love and we should be thankful for that.

As you begin to have the perfect happiness of God, thanksgiving becomes a moment-by-moment attitude of your soul.

Until you can give thanks for everything, both the blessings and adversities of your life, you have not yet come close to having the perfect happiness of God.

PHI 3:1  “Finally, my brethren, keep on having happiness in the Lord. To be writing this same mandate to you, on the one hand, is not tedious, while on the other hand, it is a safeguard to you.”

Inculcation and repetition is the only way to learn doc­trine or to have the mind of Christ.
How do I know if you have the happiness of God developing within you or are you implacable or impossible to satisfy?

The best things in life are learned by repetition.

The greatest experience of security in this life is to attain the perfect happiness of God.

Once you have God’s happiness in your soul, it is the ultimate of security, the basis for spiritual self-esteem, spiritual autonomy, and spiritual maturity.

When you get under pressure, you will think the right thing, do the right thing, and apply the right doctrine because you have repeatedly learned to do the right thing under normal circumstances.

PHI 4:4  “Keep on having happiness in the Lord at all times; once more I repeat the command, keep on having happi­ness.”

The happiness of God is the only happiness in the world you can have at all times, wherever you are, no matter what your circumstances.
The perfect happiness of God is not something we attain in the eternal state, although there is happiness and blessing for all believers there.

But how do you obey the command “Be happy!”?  You can’t be hypocritical and fake it.

To obey the command to “keep on having happiness in the Lord at all times” is something we cannot do any more than we can do anything for our salvation.

This divine command can only be executed through residence, function, momentum inside the PPOG in the attainment of the three stages of spiritual adulthood.

NEH 8:10  “Do not be grieved, for the happiness of the Lord is your strength.”

As with anything, there are a number of things you first must learn to execute God’s plan and not buy the lies and the deception that comes from the most implacable angel ever, Satan.

Christians want instant solutions and miracles, implying that God is disorganized.

She wanted more than a perfect husband, more than perfect sex, more than a genius, more than perfect environment.

You can never get enough of the things you don’t need, because the things you don’t need can never satisfy.

She had everything in life that would make a normal woman happy.

Yet her conversations indicated that she was not satisfied with what she had.

She didn’t have perfect happiness, because contentment is a synonym for perfect happiness.

Since God possesses perfect happiness, He desires to share His  perfect happiness of God with us, and so He mandates that we have His perfect happiness.

As you begin to have the perfect happiness of God, thanksgiving becomes a moment-by-moment attitude of your soul.

1TH 5:16-18 “Be happy always; pray continually; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Until you can give thanks for everything, both the blessings and adversities of your life, you have not yet come close to having the perfect happiness of God of God.

Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.

Unhappiness is in not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it.

The woman in the Garden had everything in perfect environment including a perfect, wonderful husband.

She wanted more than a perfect husband, more than perfect sex, more than being a genius, more than perfect environment, more than being taught personally by TLJC in the garden of Eden.

And of course the key phrase was “I want more!”

“God why did you make women so beautiful. And God said, So that they would be attractive to you”!

“Well, why did you make them so dumb?” And God said “So that you would be attractive to them!”

This immediately indicates that she didn’t have perfect happiness, because contentment is a synonym for perfect happiness.

Whoever does not regard what he has as most sufficient wealth, is unhappy, though he be master of the world.

MAR 8:36, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?”

To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.

In her conversations with the pet serpent, she indicated that there was something more she wanted.
She added something God had not said, “You cannot eat from it or touch it lest you die.”

In other words, the woman lacked something in her capacity to hear clearly and objectively what the divine prohibition involved.

She was afraid that even if she touched the tree she would die.

You cannot have fear without having arrogance.

The combination of arrogance and fear caused her to want something more.

Adam didn’t understand this; he was his magnificent self: attractive, the greatest lover, wonderful, kind, intelligent, successful.

1TI 2:14 And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being quite deceived, fell into trans­gression.
One of the secrets of happiness is to admire it without desiring more of it.

You can admire something or someone without having to have it.

You can discover happiness by limiting your desires, rather than in attempt­ing to satisfy them.

What Satan said merely reflected his own fall.  He was Lucifer, Son of the Morning, the most beautiful creature that ever came from the hand of God.

He was beautiful, magnificent, had a perfect personality and also a genius.

He sat at the right hand of the throne of God as Lucifer; He was the anointed cherub, the highest class of angels.

One day he decided that he wouldn’t be happy until he replaced God.

When people are not happy and do not have spiritual self-esteem or self-esteem, they feel threatened.

In fear, you feel challenged by this or that, and in your arrogance, you want to overcome that fear by seizing the thing that threatens you.

Satan made it clear that the woman was threatened by the Tree, so he reexegeted that Tree.  It was called the Tree of Knowledge.

This was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a knowledge she did not possess.

For this reason, theologians have made the mistake of calling this state of perfection “the Age of Innocence.”

Satan made his point: “There is something you’re lacking. There is more to be had.

It was Satan who also possessed the knowledge of good and evil and he was miserable.

This brings another interesting principle before we set our hearts too much on anything, let us examine how happy are those who already possess it.

Arrogance plus fear leads to great instability no matter what you have.

In fear and arrogance you always feel threatened by something in life, even if you’re in perfect environment.

People ascribe to others their OWN weak­nesses and fallacies.

They accuse you of being arrogant when you are humble and they are arrogant.

The story of our original parents shows why love and happiness have eluded the human race in general down to this very moment.

a.  As an unbeliever who is establishment-oriented to the point of human self-esteem and humility.

b. As a believer.  The only hope for love and happiness in your life that is real and meaningful is to attain virtue-love and the perfect happiness of God as problem solving devices.

With the perfect happiness of God, no matter what your circumstances, your perfect happiness of God continues to exist, and you equate living with dying (PHI 1:21), and adversity with prosperity.

Beyond that there is always the same problem:  no matter what you have, you will want MORE!

You have to find happiness in yourself before you can find it with someone.

Happiness is derived from tranquility, not by taking drugs and tranquilizers but by developing a proper, disciplined, efficient life with regular habits.

Happiness is a problem solving device.

It is a status quo, but one that never looks over the horizon and wants more.

There is no problem in life too great for what God has given to you as a part of your portfolio of invisible assets, a part of which is the problem solving device of God’s perfect happiness!

ROM 14:17  “For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and prosperity and happiness by means of the Holy Spirit.”

COL 2:16, Therefore let no one act as your judge in regard to food or drink.

In our spiritual life, we can have the righteousness of virtue, prosperity, and perfect happiness all by means of the Holy Spirit.

First comes righteousness, which is virtue from perception, metabolization and application of Bible doctrine. Then comes prosperity when you reach spiritual adulthood.

Finally, throughout spiritual adulthood, you have perfect happiness.

That’s why all three of these principles including happiness are said to be the fruit or the production of the Holy Spirit,

GAL 5:22  “The fruit of the Spirit is virtue-love, happiness, prosperity.”

In spiritual self-esteem, perfect happiness begins; in spiritual autonomy, perfect happiness continues; and in spiritual maturity perfect happiness peaks out.

One is the only invisible hero of the great power experiment of the Hypostatic Union, Jesus Christ.

The other is Paul or any other great invisible hero of the great power exper­iment of the Church Age.

PHI 3:17  Brethren join with others in following me, and select those who walk according to the pattern you have in us.

When you begin to be consistent in learning Bible doctrine, there is much pressure….that’s why it says having received the Word in much pressure [affliction, oppression] with happiness from the Holy Spirit.”

Having perfect happiness in the midst of it from the Holy Spirit is due to being sustained by the omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit inside the PPOG.

(1)  The omnipotence of God the Father is used to attain perfect happiness through the perception of our portfolio of invisible assets and using those assets.

(2)  The omnipotence of Jesus Christ is used by knowing He gives us a day at a time and is faithful in sustaining our life so we can attain perfect happiness.

(3)  The omnipotence of God the Holy Spirit is used to attain perfect happi­ness because God the Holy Spirit is the teacher of Bible doctrine; Joh 14; 1CO 2:9-16; 1CO 2:24.

You must listen, learn, advance, and grow, and you will be happy for all time and for all eternity.

God’s happiness belongs “naturally” to the new spiritual species; it is a happiness that only the new spiritual species can have.

A new spiritual species means there is a new family function, i.e., the royal family of God.

2CO 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ [and he is as a believer], he is a new [spiritual] species. The old things have lost their power; behold, new things have come.”

The adjective KAINE means new; the noun KTISIS means species.

Genetic, environmental, and volitional handicaps; human dynamics, personality, talent, and works and flaws.

The “new things” that have come refer to your portfolio of invisible assets, to the ten unique characteristics of the Church Age, and the ten problem solving devices of the PPOG.

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