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The Doctrine of the Strategical and Tactical winner, Part 3. Rank has its priviledges.

Friday, October 31, 2003

REV 12:11 Furthermore they overcame him, Satan, because of the blood of the lamb, the saving work of Christ on the cross, and because of the doctrine applied by means of their testimony. In fact they did not love their life to the point of death.

Two categories of winners in the Christian way of life –
1. The strategic winner.
2. The tactical winner.

The strategical winner has eternal life and cannot lose it, and will have a resurrection body in heaven forever and forever.
The tactical winner is going to have much more.

The concept is, RHIP, rank has its privileges, and there is no equality in heaven.

Equality ends with the strategic victory, all believers have the strategic victory by virtue of having accepted Christ as Savior; it is the tactical winners who are going to have higher rank and greater privileges forever, and ever, and ever.

You get into heaven by non-meritorious self-determination – believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

That is a one-shot decision, and that is your strategic victory, but after that, tactically you have to make a lot of decisions, and the decisions you make on earth determine your status quo in eternity.

Self-determination is destructive without doctrine, for you have no information on which to make a decision from a position of strength.

The person who in self-determination is positive toward doctrine and a tactical winner is not going to lose out.

To be a tactical loser means to reside and function inside the cosmic system.

The believer who is both a strategic and tactical winner will receive great blessings in time, and of course, greater rewards in the judgment seat of Christ.

1. The strategic winner glorifies Christ by his one shot decision, faith in Christ.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, ACT 16:31.
2. The tactical winner glorifies Christ through his advance to maturity inside the PPOG.

EPH 2:10 “For we are His creation [Church-age believer, new spiritual species] having been created in Christ Jesus [baptism of the Holy Spirit] for good of intrinsic value achievements which God has prepared in advance, that we should walk by means of them.”

3. The strategic winner receives a resurrection body and eternal life but loses both temporal and eternal rewards,
MAR 10:30; 1CO 3:11-15.

4. The tactical winner receives supergrace blessing in time, plus eternal rewards in the eternal state.

5. The strategic winner is supported by logistical grace, while the tactical winner is supported both by both logistical grace and supergrace blessing.

6. God’s grace provision for the strategic winner is the saving work of Christ on the cross plus logistical grace support and maximum divine discipline in time.

7. God’s grace provision for strategic and tactical winners adds a provision of logistical grace which he utilizes properly, plus supergrace blessings, plus momentum testing, and suffering for blessing.

8. All believers are strategic winners by virtue of having believed in Christ, so all believers are strategic winners in the angelic conflict because of the saving work of Christ on the cross.

9. Only the unbeliever is a strategic loser in the angelic conflict.

10. The carnal or cosmic believer is a strategic winner, but a tactical loser in the angelic conflict.

11. The believer who is both a strategic and tactical winner has made thousands of decisions from a position of strength.

12. The tactical winner possesses an edification complex in time, plus the uniform of glory to go with his resurrection body in eternity.

a. Under strategic victory we have the one shot decision, faith in Christ.

On the other side, in the tactical victory, we have a contrast, instead of a one shot decision, you have to make thousands of positive decisions, with regard to the plan of God, the system.

b. Under strategic victory Christ is glorified by one decision, the positive decision to believe in Christ. But on the tactical victory side, Christ is glorified by many decisions.

c. Strategic victory – result is eternal life plus a resurrection body, but no eternal reward.
Tactical victory – result is eternal life, resurrection body, plus the uniform of glory with the resurrection body, plus fantastic blessings in time and eternal rewards.

d. The strategic winner who fails to advance in the PPOG lives in the cosmic system and fears death.
On the other side, the tactical winner lives in the PPOG and has no fear of death.

e. On the strategic victory side, he is sustained in time by logistical grace only, kept alive by the grace of God. He’s in the cosmic system, the enemy of the cross, but kept alive by logistical grace.
On the tactical victory side, he is sustained in time by both logistical and supergrace blessing.

f. The cosmic believer is a strategic winner, but a tactical loser. On the tactical victory side, the believer in the PPOG is both a strategic and tactical winner.

g. The strategic victor glorifies God only in the eternal state. Whereas the tactical victor glorifies God in time, and in a special way in eternity.

h. The strategic victor only, is disciplined in time. His life is characterized by great frustration and failure. He is always mixed up and confused. He never gets straightened out and jumps from one thing to another.
Whereas on the tactical side, all suffering is for blessing.

i. On the strategic side, the strategic victor only makes wrong decisions after salvation.
His life is characterized by wrong decisions.
Whereas the tactical victor, his life is characterized by right decisions.

You cannot have tactical victory without a pastor, a right pastor, a consistent teacher of the word of God, and you have to be consistent in exposing yourself to his ministry.

A tactical winner always finds a right pastor and sticks, whereas the strategic winner only, is running around looking for the right pastor, looking for the second blessing, looking for something to soup up his life and compensate for his discipline, his misery, his frustration and his confusion.

To turn your strategical victory into a tactical victory, you have to submit to the ministry of whomever is your right pastor-teacher.

The edification complex, once you have it, is your tactical victory.
What is the goal?
The tactical victory of spiritual maturity.
How do we get there?
Because of consistency of doctrine, and the epignosis of the Son of God.

The measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ is the standard of maturity of the humanity of Christ in the PPOG.

He is a strategical victor because he has believed in Christ, but he is a tactical failure.

Being blown here and there by every wind of false doctrine is the believer in cosmic two.

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