The Doctrine of Supergrace. Part 11.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Point 8. Supergrace is the objective of the believer after salvation, EPH 3:14-19.

His glory refers to His character, His essence, His perfect person.

Our goal is to be the reflected glory of God -and grace means it is all from Him.

a. Athropocentric Academic Speculation, regarding humans as the central element of the universe, cannot make a person happy, Ecc 1.
b. The experiment of seeking happiness in pleasure, ECC 2:1-11, or “eat, drink, and be merry” cannot make a person happy.

c. The All in the Family experiment, “I’m going to have children and keep it all in the family,” Ecc 2, cannot make a person happy.
The Philosophy of Time Orientation, Ecc 3, “I’ll keep myself busy,” especially when others are looking, cannot make a person happy.

e. Looking for happiness from money, wealth and prosperity, Ecc 5; you cannot get any more insignificant than that.
f. Building a reputation, Ecc 7.
g. Sex and intimate relationships, Ecc 7; so some think as they are simply being used and outwitted, believing the lie that they are hot.

h. Looking for happiness in the hero image, Ecc 9, cannot make a person happy.

The purpose of the Holy Spirit in verse 16 strengthening the inner man is to build a structure in your soul and to establish divine viewpoint as your frame of reference.

Next there are four nouns joined by the Greek conjunction kai but only have one definite article at the beginning.

This is the Granville Sharp (an English scholar) rule of interpretation of the use of the Greek article with nouns connected by the conjunction kai.

The four dimensions are all talking about the same thing.
They refer to God’s plan, will, and purpose for every Church-age believer.

The four dimensions emphasize the fact that God has provided the means of tactical victory for every believer becoming a winner, an invisible hero, reaching supergrace and following the precedence of the humanity of Christ in the Hypostatic Union.

“Breadth” - noun platos = width; the function of the defense line of your soul, made up of the 10 PSD’s, designed to prevent the outside pressures of life from becoming the inside pressures of stress in the soul.
Length - mekos = metabolized doctrine circulating in your soul through the filling of the Holy Spirit.

Height - hupos = execution of the PPOG and reaching the height of supergrace, becoming an invisible hero, and having an impact on those around you.

Height also refers to our invisible impact as believers.
Personal impact - blessing by association to those with whom you are associated.
Historical impact - blessing by association to the client nation.
International impact - blessing by association to a non-client nation.

Angelic impact - the invisible hero becomes a witness for the Prosecution in the rebuttal phase of Satan’s appeal trial, which is human history.
Heritage impact - blessing by association with the mature believer or invisible hero after his or her death.

Depth - bathos = our very own portfolio of invisible assets, the means of executing the PPOG, which God prepared for you in eternity past.

“Riches” - ploutos = many different kinds of blessings in life.
It describes the assets that belong to our portfolio, what we can invest in life to glorify God.

“To know” - aor-act-inf - ginosko = to know, to concentrate on, or to be intimate with someone.

You must understand someone’s love before you can respond to it.
To understand the love from God we need to understand His character.

Surpasses - pres-act-part - huperballo = to surpass, to go beyond, to exceed, or to excel. Present tense - it constantly surpasses, but it does not surpass epignosis (wisdom or metabolized doctrine); it surpasses gnosis (knowledge).

“Exceeding abundantly” - supergrace - adverb huperekperrisou = beyond all measure or infinitely more than.

Spiritual metabolism leads to supergrace.
Supergrace leads to capacity.
Capacity leads to blessing.
And blessing glorifies God.

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