The Doctrine of Supergrace. Part 2.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Doctrine of Supergrace.
The General Definition of Grace.

Categories of Grace.
a. Saving grace, EPH 2:8-9.
b. Logistical grace, MAT 6:25-33.
c. Supergrace is the tactical victory of the angelic conflict, or spiritual maturity, JAM 4:6.

“Greater” – adjective – meizona = greater, even more, to a greater degree, all the more.

d. Ultra-supergrace is the sphere of the angelic conflict between the unfairness of the devil’s world and the total fairness of God to mature believers, whom God places under maximum testing and pressure, 2TI 2:10; 3:11-12.

Beyond super-grace is even a higher plane whereby you still have all of the blessings that you had in super-grace, but they are completely surrounded by suffering, pressure, and adversity which intensifies these blessings.

ACT 19:15 “I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”

These men wear the highest honor and dignity that can come to the human race, to have total blessing and to wear a shroud of pressure and disaster all the time they are in that total blessing.

e. Dying grace is the greatest blessing for passing from time to eternity, PHI 1:21.
f. Surpassing grace = the blessing, awards, and decorations for the mature believer for all eternity, EPH 2:7.

Supergrace and ultra-supergrace are both related to the power of God, EPH 1:19.
Supergrace and ultra-supergrace are described as pursuing grace, PSA 23:5c-6; EPH 1:6.

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