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Don't blame the parents for how their children turn out.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Children - tekna = believers in TLJC, called children in the sense of inheritance.
Abraham had eight sons altogether; the first one was Ishmael, the second was one was Isaac.
Abraham’s sons come from three different mothers:
Hagar the Egyptian slave girl, Sarah, the Sumero Arcadian princess, who became a Jew when Abraham did, Keturah - an Arab woman who Abraham spent the rest of his life with.

The virtue, or the lack of virtue on the part of the mothers has nothing whatsoever to do with Isaac receiving the inheritance.

GEN 25:5 Now Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac;

No one’s parents has anything to do with their failures in life.

DEU 24:16 “Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin.”
LUK 11:27-28 And it came about while He said these things, one of the women in the crowd raised her voice, and said to Him, “Blessed is the womb that bore You, and the breasts at which You nursed. On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God, and observe it.”

GEN 25:5 Now Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac;

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the only means or solution to being true Israel.

Any Jew is so close, because he has the heritage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
But, he is so far, unless he does what Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did, and that is to believe in Jehovah Elohim, the God of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The difference between the true Jew, and the racial Jew, the physical seed of Abraham, and the spiritual seed of Abraham is that dividing line, that invisible line that actually divides the human race.

JOH 3:36 “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.”

Life has its savor, life has its blessing, life has meaning and purpose, and there is no difficulty in life that is too great for Bible doctrine.

People while being smart, so they think, are being totally and completely stupid and deceived.

You will lose out just as Esau lost out and sold his birthright for - a pot of baked beans, a mess of pottage.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all elected or chosen by God because the omniscience of God knew billions of years before they were born, that Isaac would believe in the Lord and would advance to spiritual maturity.

You have been elected, not because of an arbitrary decision on the part of God, but because the omniscience of God knew billions and billions of years ago, the free-will decisions that you would make.

The omniscience of God anticipates the function of freewill.

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