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Eagles' wings represent spiritual training and divine protection.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The two wings of the great eagle represent the divine protection given by God through divine commands.

EXO 19:4 “You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings, and brought you to Myself.”

DEU 32:9-12 - eagles’ wings were used for the spiritual training of Israel.

This is the image of the dictator, of the revived Roman empire in the Tribulation, who also doubles as the ruler of ecumenical religion.

The protection of God is given through divine commands that must be followed in order for the believer to be protected.

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It is following the commands of God to flee to the desert land.

The two wings of the great eagle represent the protection for those who follow the word of God which is alive and powerful.

PSA 103:5 He satisfies your years with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle.

ISA 40:31 Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; They will mount up {with} wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.

EZE 1:10 - the eagle represents the deity of TLJC; the Lord in His deity is the one who protects us in time of disaster.

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They do not have the wings of the eagle to carry them away, they have: the Lord will fight for you that day, the promise of ZEC 14:1-4, the Lord is going to fight for them.

The Jews who flee as per the Lord’s command, Mat 24, and the Jews who fight as per the Lord’s command, Zec 14.

If you are in the first half of the Tribulation, as a Jewish believer in Israel, and you decide, “I’m going to stand and fight these scoundrels,” you are going to get wiped out.

The word of God tells you when you need to be positive, and when you need to be negative.

1) The law of liberty - you have the right to do certain things which will not cause you to sin or enter into carnality,
1CO 8:4,9.

The law of freedom and liberty is freedom to serve the Lord and freedom to produce divine good.

The law of liberty means that you have the right to do certain things which will not cause you to sin or enter into carnality.

2) The law of love - the function of impersonal love to avoid offending weaker believers and becoming a distraction to their spiritual growth, 1CO 8:13.

The law of freedom is directed toward self whereas the law of love is directed toward others.

1TH 5:22 abstain from all appearance of evil.

2CO 6:3 Give no cause for offense in anything, in order that the ministry be not discredited,

COL 4:5 Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.

3) The law of expediency - directed toward the unbeliever, 1CO 9:18ff.

In the interest of witnessing for Christ, the believer refrains from doing certain things because they may prevent the unbeliever from seeing the true issue in salvation - to believe in Christ for salvation. 1CO 9:18ff.

PRO 11:30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise wins souls.

4) The law of supreme sacrifice - the highest law of Christian behavior. This is a law where the believer sets aside normal and legitimate functions of life to progress the plan of God.

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