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Robert R. McLaughlin
Escrow blessings and the results of positive and negative decisions toward what the Lord provided.
PRO 4:23 says Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it {flow} the springs of life.

Today the reason why we have such a small pivot and believers are not glorifying God is because of 2Ti 3:5, they are "Holding to a superficial form of the spiritual life, but they have denied its power; avoid such men as these."

(a) Failure to metabolize doctrine.
(b) Failure to make Bible doctrine number one priority in the life.
(c) Failure to learn and apply the ten problem solving devices resulting in the prevention of outside pressures of adversity becoming the inside pressure of stress in the soul.
(d) Stress in the soul or sin nature control of the soul is a major source of garbage in the soul.
(e) Garbage in the subconscious developed before salvation or after salvation does not remain in the subconscious, but bleeds into the stream of consciousness when there is no spiritual strength from metabolized doctrine.
Garbage in the subconscious is described by psychologists under the term defense mechanisms. Defense mechanisms are designed to hide or to relieve the conflicts and stresses in the soul that cause anxiety, hysteria, fear, worry, or other categories of the emotional complex of sins, the worst being guilt.

Defense mechanisms are designed to bury any reaction you might have, any lack of esteem, any explanation for impulsive behavior or failure on your part. Moses would hide his face behind a veil because the glory of God was not able to be seen because of the transformation that was taken place in his life and it was fading away and too great for believers to be in the presence of such glory.
The glorification of God comes by means of the Church (Eph3:20-21) and occurs when the believer attains spiritual adulthood and moves to spiritual maturity. This is when the believer is said to be "filled with all the fullness of God," Eph 3:16-19; the apostle Paul states that “the Lord would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man.”The believer glorifies God when he parlays the life beyond gnosis (Eph3:19) into the life beyond dreams (Eph 3:20). a. The life beyond gnosis, Eph 3:19. b. The life beyond dreams, Eph 3:20. Notice that left out of point one is all your Christian service, sacrifice, and works. All this is wood, hay, and stubble; it will all be burned at the Judgment Seat of Christ; 1Co 3:11-15; 2Co 5:10. Spiritual growth is not measured in works; spiritual growth is measured in momentum.When there is momentum, there will be production.

1. Reception of Bible doctrine is the #1 priority.
2. Retention refers to the metabolization of Bible doctrine, so that epignosis doctrine in the right lobe is the basis of momentum in the PPOG. 3. Recall is comparable to the concept of wisdom; it refers to the application of doctrine.

There are three categories of suffering for blessing because of the three R;s .
(1) Providential preventative suffering.
(2) Momentum testing.
(3) Evidence testing.

Providence preventive suffering is a form of undeserved suffering which prevents the believer from becoming arrogant and self-righteous. So, notice that there is a form of undeserved suffering which prevents the believer from becoming arrogant and self-righteous.

Again in 2CO 12:7 And because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to buffet me to keep me from exalting myself!
So “their thinking was hardened”; for until this very day at the reading of the old covenant or the Old Testament, the same veil remains unlifted, because it is only removed by Christ. The left and right part of the soul are called: Left lobe i.e., NOUS (mind or thinking) Right lobe i.e., heart (KARDIA).

It is important to realize that God did not dig deep into Pharaoh's heart and change his positive volition to negative. He did not finally win Pharaoh over, and then slip His hand into Pharaoh's heart and turn the repentant heart to negative.
Because Pharaoh changed his mind (or appeared to), this looks as though God did something to cause Pharaoh to go from positive to negative.
This is incorrect.
What God did was to strengthen Pharaoh's heart enough to continue to express his negative volition toward God. When you are in opposition to something, whether you are right or wrong, it requires strength. Noah preached for 120 years without a convert, except in his own family……and it required the strength to keep on going. That took strength of heart. He built an ark to sail in on dry land in a world where it had never rained before. Pharaoh, although he was wrong, showed similar strength of heart. When it came to believing in JHWH or not, he already had his mind made up. What occurred when he faced off Moses and Aaron was that he was under a great deal of pressure.
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