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Evangelist Update.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Village of Adii
3 day Pastor’s conference
3 nights crusades

City of Makurdi
New church is being opened.
3 day Pastor’s conference, 3 nights crusades

Kaduna State
Evangelical Church
3 day Pastors conference,
3 nights crusades

Sierra Leone
March 15th – 22nd
Evangelist Kingsley and Reverend Hamid
4 day Pastor’s Conference,
3 nights crusades
Visit Radio station

Ghana refugee camp– March 23rd – 30th with Evang. Kingsley and Deacon Greene
4 day Children’s Conference, nighttime crusades
3 day Church leaders conference

Please send donations in to Grace bible church, whether by giving through the website, or mailing a check to GBC. Just clearly state it is for the “missionary trip”.

Please keep in your prayers myself, and all the pastors, teachers, and believers and unbelievers in these countries.
Pray that God prepare their hearts starting now.

To learn more about our evangelism work you can visit our website at:
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