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Have I even remained alive here after seeing Him?

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

ROM 10:13 "Whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved."

This is a question of amazement, not a question of interrogation.

1. It expresses Hagars amazement because she has had a face-to-face conversation with God.

1JO 4:12 No one has beheld God at any time;

JOH 1:18 No man has seen God at any time;

JOH 6:46 No man has seen God at any time;

JOH 14:9 Jesus said to Philip, "He who has seen Me has seen the Father;"

GEN 32:30 Jacob said "I have seen God face to face,"

a. Isagogics - historical setting. b. Categories - systematic theology, combining Scripture with Scripture. c. Exegesis - grammatical and syntactical analysis of the original languages.

Turn to EXO 24:9

Turn to NUM 12:5

JDG 6:22-23 When Gideon saw that he was the angel of the Lord, he said, "Alas, O Lord God! For now I have seen the angel of the Lord face to face." And the Lord said to him, "Peace to you, do not fear; you shall not die."

JDG 13:21-22 Now the angel of the Lord appeared no more to Manoah or his wife. Then Manoah knew that he was the angel of the Lord. So Manoah said to his wife, "We shall surely die, for we have seen God."

ISA 6:5 Then I said, "Woe is me, for I am ruined! Because I am a man of unclean lips, And I live among a people of unclean lips; For my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts."

1. When Hagar says "Have I even remained alive here after seeing Him," it expresses Hagars amazement because she has had a face-to-face conversation with God.

2. Hagar realizes that God has seen and judged her.

DEU 10:17 "For the Lord your God is the God of gods and the Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God who does not show partiality, nor take a bribe."

3. For the first time in her life, Hagar was a believer under the principle of the imputation of perfect righteousness and the resultant justification.

Justice demands that she spends her time on the earth pleasing the one who gave her salvation.

Hagar is the possessor of Gods perfect righteousness and eternal life, and the principle now continues in her life, justice demands justice, so Hagar will continue to live under that.

Turn to GEN 21:9

Dont ever, ever get the idea that somehow you have done something whereby, your little legalism, your little self-righteousness, your little experience is the reason that God blesses.

called - Qal perfect - qara' = she named the well.

Be'er - to dwell Laroi - to belong to chay - the living one ra'ah - to see. "The well of the living one who sees me."

Kadesh = "Fountain of Judgment." Bered = "to be cold."

Between Kadesh (the place of the judgment of God), and Bered, (the cold place or place of refusal to adjust to Gods justice), you have Hagar and her volition having to make a decision.

He was anti-authority, but he always showed authority his pleasing personality.

The pleasant pleasing personality often passes for great leadership, or for great attractiveness, but behind it, there is rejection of authority.

If you have a choice between a pleasing personality and learning some leadership under hard discipline, take the leadership concept of authority under hard discipline.

Forget about the personality, develop integrity and honor and nobility, and you will always come out ahead.

His name is Ishmael, very close to Ishrael.

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