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The final principle concerning the loser believer under the influence of evil.

Thursday, Feburary 8, 2001

hoi ta pres/act/ part – phronountes to hold an opinion “who keep on thinking,” or “who keep on holding opinions about earthly things.”

epigeia earthy things, the things of the world, cosmic thinking.

PHI 3:19whose termination is destruction, whose god is their emotion, and whose time of glory will be a momentary time of shame, who keep thinking about earthly things.”

Carnality is not failure, but reversionism is spiritual failure.

gar this conjunctive particle introduces the final destination of all members of the Royal Family of God.

The road to glory – from saving grace at the cross, to living grace, to supergrace, to ultra supergrace, to dying grace and then to surpassing grace.

Ultimate sanctification a resurrection body, minus the old sin nature.

hemon politeuma – a state, a commonwealth, the whole body of people constituting a nation or a state or a body of politic.

Politeuma came to mean a group of individuals who are residents in a foreign city while their citizenship and allegiance is elsewhere.

Politeuma – a corporate body of citizens or a colony of foreigners who were residents in a foreign country while their citizenship and allegiance is elsewhere.

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