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The first Adam lost his glory and honor; the last Adam built upon His glory and honor.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

The resurrection of Jesus Christ whereby all angelic creatures, including fallen angels, are subordinated to Him “in His humanity.”

In His deity, Jesus Christ is the creator of angels but, in His humanity, He was made lower than angels, HEB 2:7.

1CO 15:45-49 – describes the only 2 members of the human race who came into the world under conditions of perfection without an O.S.N.

EPH 2:6 And [He – God the Father] raised us up with Him [Jesus Christ], and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, in Christ Jesus.

Positionally, every believer in the Church-age is superior to angels; some day experientially we will also be greater.

PHI 3:21, 1CO 15:53 – our resurrected body is greater than angels, which is why the church is the first to go up in the rapture to receive their resurrected bodies at the bema seat judgment!

DEU 32:4 “The rock! His work is perfect, for all his ways are just; a God of faithfulness and without injustice, righteous and upright is He.”

“Crowned” – aor-act-ind – estephanosas – ejstefavnwsa” = to adorn with an honorary crown, to receive the approval of God.

In GEN 1:28-30, God gave the first Adam dominion over creation.

Verse 7 = the first Adam who failed.
Verse 8 = the second Adam who succeeded.

Verse 9 – “crowned with glory and honor” = the birth of TLJC which was just like the creation of the first Adam.

We have positional truth in the first Adam, we have positional truth in the second Adam –
1CO 15:22 “In Adam all die, in Christ shall all be made alive”

At the Second Coming, when the Millennial reign of Christ begins, there will be believers on earth minus demons and unbelievers, (this is the baptism of fire, MAT 24:40-41).

During the Millennial reign, the saints will rule in resurrection bodies just like the unseen forces now who run the world.

All things being subjected to Him = the human race, the angelic race, nature, weather, animals, and plant life.

And he left nothing that is not subject to him = the baptism of fire where all that is against Christ will be removed.

Acts 5:31 “He is the one whom God has exalted at His right hand as Prince and Savior.”

PHI 2:9 “Therefore also, God has highly exalted Him and given Him a title which is above every title, that at the title of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of the Father.”

His third royal patent is related to His resurrection and ascension. His title is “King of kings, Lord of lords, bright morning star.”

His royal family is in the process of being completed, made up of every Church-age believer.

The earth was Satan’s kingdom; God had set him in authority over it, EZE 28:14.

Satan had never been dispossessed of the earth even in his confinement; he had been placed on the earth!

God had placed an offensive force in the midst of the enemy-held territory called planet earth.

The battle of the garden of Eden, though on the surface a victory for Satan, was in reality the beginning of his ultimate defeat.

This is where the angelic conflict or the invisible war, the drama begins on the stage of human history.

He first attacked the Word of God when he said “Indeed, has God said?” which was a subtle question of doubt concerning the authenticity and validity of God’s word.

LUK 8:12 “And those beside the road are those who have heard; then the devil comes and takes away the word from their heart, so that they may not believe and be delivered.”

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