Grace Bible Church
Pastor Teacher
Robert R. McLaughlin
Sunday November 19. 2017

Num 23:19 "God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

Luk 21:33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.

The Bible is written in stone, it is beyond the strength of concrete! From Gen. to Rev. needs to be fully respected.

Everything falls in front of the Divine Court of Heaven, adjustment to the justice of God is still the protocol for His plan in the CA.

Lev 26:15 if, instead, you reject My statutes, and if your soul abhors My ordinances so as not to carry out all My commandments, and so break My covenant,

Lev 26:14-17 is not only the introduction but displays the first cycle of discipline. Failure to respect the Laws of Divine Establishment (volition, marriage, family & nationalism) set this cycle into motion.

We can’t put God in a box, but also we have to measure God by how He has handled other infractions in ancient history. This should give a client nation a clue as to how God may deal with them at some point in the future.

1st cycle has five forms of discipline under it;

  • Illness- mental and physical.
  • Property or business destruction.
  • Weakness within the military.
  • Authority under attack.
  • Sublimation becomes prevalent.Lev 26:16-17 it speaks of terror, consumption and fever….wasting away. Your soul is pining away, your crops will be useless, taken from you, enemies attack and rule over you…no one is pursuing yet you run.Crop destruction during this 1st Cycle of Dis. Would equate to corrupt business practice, weakened economy, heavy taxation that cripples small business, government intrusion, greed and financial inflation /depression.Leaders who lie & cheat or step all over founding principles, laws of the land for the good of a party not the good of the country, leave the door open for others to follow. There becomes a careless attitude;“everyone else is doing it!”#5 -Sublimation of society is when they run from problems or responsibility and replace it with fun activity and selfish motives. Frantic search for happiness.In today’s day and age this is really highlighting a dwindling of natural resources as well as the nation failing in the area of trade, manufacturing and business. Farming issues and struggling capitalism would be earmarks of this.

    Lev 26:18-20 -2nd cycle, shows us that the strength of a nation in the open market and their world-wide wealth begins to disappear, natural resources become scarce. Corporations & manufacturing slowly fall apart and profits disappear.

    Lev 26:21-22- 3rd cycle, points to the build-up of problems multiplying (7x) so that civil disobedience breaks out. Criminal acts of violence increase causing damage to neighborhoods & business sectors. False religions & idol worship increase .

    Lev 26:22-beast of the field, for our day may be a reference to an element of society kept under control or separate from our daily lives, but now is terrorizing our streets. Children & cattle were forms of wealth & prosperity in ancient world.

    Lev 26:23-26 -4th cycle- We are now multiplying one cycle, on top of another. At this point civil war would break out. Anti-establishment forces would rise up and there would be a need for a Police State (Martial Law). Christianity disintegrates.

    Lev 26:25 when you gather together into your cities, I will send pestilence among you, so that you shall be delivered into enemy hands.

    Compound cycles of discipline would leave many cities across the country in shambles and easy targets for attacks.

    In the ancient world the villages and farms outside the kingdom/city gates would get restless toward wicked leadership, then rise up & violently march into the city walls in riotous protest.

    Lev 26:29-39 -5th cycle- final phase of compounded discipline shows a nation broken from within, detached from relationship with Lord Jesus Christ. Hungry and desolate people would go to extreme measures for food and shelter.

    Lev 26:31 I will lay waste your cities as well and will make your sanctuaries desolate, and I will not smell your soothing aromas.

    This shows God will not accept your offerings, meaning you will have to endure until He decides to accept.

    Even within the worst case scenario, God will eventually hear the pleas of the true Bel, He will elevate the misery and either; give them strength to handle it or lift the curse off and remove them from it.

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