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The friendship of the invisible hero, part 2. Pastor John Farley.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PHI 1:7 “Since it is right for me to be holding this opinion in behalf of all of you, because you have a very special place in my heart [right-lobe], both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, all of you keep on being my partners in grace.”

1. The Philippians were the only church that Paul said were his partners!

2. When Paul says that they were his partners, he is referring to the fact that the Philippians shared in his sufferings as well as in his labors and they had been partakers of the same victory over undeserved suffering as he had.

3. The Philippians’ love and support to him in his dark moments was proof of the fact that they were partners with Paul in the joint effort of preaching the Gospel and teaching the word of God.

4. Even though Paul was separated from them and could not see how they were progressing spiritually, all through his trouble he had the assurance that they were with him and were supporting him.

In fact, prosperity makes friends but adversity tries them!

PRO 17:17 “A true friend loves at all times and as a brother is born for adversity.”

5. Notice also that Paul says that they were his partners in grace not in prison.

6. Paul was referring to the fact that they had participated with him in the defense of the gospel and all the troubles and persecutions that accompanied Paul, and therefore they would also partake of the blessings which would accompany Paul’s ministry.

7. Paul looks at his imprisonment as a benefit from God and an honor which God bestows upon us when we suffer persecution for the sake of the truth.

8. The greatest partnership in life is that which is found in our relationship with TLJC and our cooperation with one another in the work.

9. The pastor and the congregation are so dependent on each other that unless there be a similar attitude as Paul and the Philippians had, there will be no prosperity or blessing for either one.

1PE 5:3 nor yet as lording it over those allotted to your charge, but proving to be examples to the flock.

10. The Philippians, though geographically separated in Philippi, were nevertheless participants in the ministry of Paul while in Rome.

11. Even when it might have been dangerous to identify themselves openly with the apostle Paul, they treated his persecutions as their own and came to his assistance with their gifts and support.

“how I long for” is the conjunction hos and then the pres-act-ind of epipotheo which is epipothe.

epipothe means to long for someone who is absent, to miss someone; it is a verb of strong affection or strong love, and it has the idea of a homesick yearning, or to desire, to pursue with love.

They love him as their right pastor, the one who feeds them doctrine, the one who is on the altar of sacrifice of Bible study and Bible teaching, PHI 2:17.

you all is the adjective pantas and then the personal pronoun human which means “all of you.”

with the affection is the prepositional phrase en plus the instrumental noun splanchnois and then the possessive genitive of Christos which is Christou
the possessive genitive of Iesous which is Iesou which says that the affections belong to the Lord.

1. Having the mind of Christ and His compassion transforms all human relationships and places love on a supernatural plane.
2. So great is Paul’s spiritual growth and his virtue-love that he can describe his love as the affections of Christ Jesus.

3. A positive congregation toward doctrine provides additional motivation for the pastor to fulfill
PHI 2:17.

4. When a pastor finds a congregation who responds to his doctrinal teaching, he has both the love for the congregation and the desire to study and teach, study and teach and lead them to the maximum objective which is spiritual maturity.

5. A well motivated pastor and a responding congregation motivates maximum glorification of Jesus Christ.

6. Think of the miracle of divine grace; here is this proud arrogant Pharisee now having the affections of Christ for these former Pagan Greeks.

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