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GBC Sermon: Who Will Stand In The Gap On Behalf Of Our Land Today? What Is The Definition & Meaning?

GOD NEEDS YOU! Who Can or Why should a man learn how to stand in the gap for the land, someone, others and make up the hedge?

Many will fall apart when disaster comes in because they were distracted disciples.

God is looking for men-women who can stand in the gap!

Eze 22:30 And I sought for a man that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.

In this video bible lesson, we will go over many bible verses and show you why you need to learn how to stand in the gap for others?

In our country now no one is willing to stand in the gap, or are their people taking intercession and willing to stand in the gap and make up the hedge?

  1. Who Is Qualified To Stand In The Gap?
  2. How Do You Stand In The Gap For Someone?
  3. Can You Stand In The Gap For You?
  4. What Is Stand In The Gap Biblical Meaning,
  5. What Are The Bible Verses That Teach Us About Who Will Stand In The Gap?
  6. Is There A Stand In The Gap Coalition?
  7. How Do You Stand In The Gap And Pray?
  8. How Do You Stand In The Gap For Someone?
  9. How Do You Stand In The Gap With The Church?
  10. Is There A Stand In The Gap Initiative?
  11. Why Do We Stand In The Gap?
  12. How Do You Stand In The Gap For Others?
  13. What Does It Mean To Stand In The Gap For God?
  14. Can You Stand In The Gap Desiring God?

All of us have to deal with problems that we never dealt with before and therefore we all need to evaluate our own decisions and make the best possible decisions that we ought to make.

The first one we call the nobleman who had faith and and believed the words of the Lord.

The second one we call the Centurion who was a man who had true faith which is the result of trusting the Words of God in delicate areas.

The third one is the scribes who was known for being an intellection individual who makes decisions based upon the information we have been given.

The family man is brought to the heart of the matter where Jesus said to him concerning the family funeral, “Let the spiritually dead bury the physical dead.

Now, if you have not heard some of the principles before, but we are about to learn concerning those individuals who have positive volition toward the Word of God, just relax because obedience is to receive our blessings which are coming to us in God’s perfect time.

Once again,  the doctrine that you possess, especially the mystery doctrine of the Church-age will change your life and the way you think which is the highest system of thinking in the Church-age since it is the very thinking of God Almighty ; Psa 138:2; 1Co 2:16.

When our Lord needs to separate those who are positive toward Christ in the crowd from those who are negative, what does He do?

You give commands that only serious students of the word of God would follow.

You reveal to them the sufferings that they may have to go through without getting paid for what they will be asked to do.

So, the followers of our Lord will be away from the crowd and isolated under His authority and teaching without distractions and therefore, away from the mob or the crowd.

You must break away from the mob!

You cannot have Bible class in the mob!

You cannot have dedication and devotion while at the same time be look all around at the sights of distractions.

So, this order or command causes a crisis to develop in some souls because it's a crisis that demands a decision.

Many believers are going to be casualties and their lip-service to our Lord is going to be exposed, either normally or abnormally.

Many won't separate from the mob to join the congregation.

That’s because Many choose people over the Lord.

This church is led by pastor  Robert R. McLaughlin


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