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Glory Experienced In the Life of the Believer. Part 2.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Church-age believers exist in this world having three very effective and dangerous enemies that are sources of darkness with a vigorous intent on putting darkness where God’s glory should be.

Your first enemy is Satan, who stands on this earth and works hard to darken our hearts and replace the glory that could be there, ACT 26:18.

If you allow Satan to have dominion over you, you will live in darkness rather than the glory that God has restored to you as a free gift.

Your second enemy is the world system or cosmic system, run by the KOD which is the organized army of fallen angels who function under the command of Satan, EPH 6:12.

Your third enemy is the agent within, the old sin nature.

The old sin nature desires to control your soul with the result that you will be minus the filling of the Holy Spirit and reside in the darkness of the cosmic system.

The Church-age believer is restored to the full glory of God through Jesus Christ at the moment of salvation; however, the believer can be shrouded in the darkness of his enemies by failing to learn and use the four spiritual skills.

Your pre-salvation veil has been removed in Christ,
2CO 3:14, but you can refuse to see by being darkened in your understanding by living like an unbeliever in the cosmic system, EPH 4:18.

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