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God the Father has authority over all the clay. Part 2.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just as the free will of man has freedom to reject Christ so God is free to judge those who reject Christ.

The reality of judgement always elicits the reaction of “unfair” - “How can God be fair and do this and that?”

The less you know of the truth the more critical you are of the truth.

God’s will is His purpose or intention. This includes what was written in verse 18, His mercy or His severity.

Paul actually anticipates the view of supralapsarianism, a system of theology for blaming God for Pharaoh’s decision, for Adam’s decision, and for everyone’s decision.

The greater the opposition the greater the manifest power from God. The greatest example: the Cross.

Throughout human history the coexistence of the free will of man and the Sovereignty of God is necessary to resolve the angelic conflict.

God used the maximum positive volition of Moses in one way and the maximum negative volition of Pharaoh in another way, but the free will of both men accomplished the will of God.

Do you do your best,
do what you think is right, but trust God for the results?!
(instead of forcing the results you want!)

No matter which way it goes in history, history is always and inevitably going to glorify God.
No disaster in history ever slows the momentum of the divine plan.

Human failure and opposition to God does not abrogate the faithfulness of God, nor does it hinder the advance of the plan of God.

Inevitably the key to all answers is found in the perfect essence of God.
If you understand the divine attributes you have the key to the answer for everything in life.

The Essence of God; you must know Him to rely on Him!

All good things are from the Father above (JAM 1:17);
so therefore all bad things have somehow come from the negative decisions of His creatures, whether angels or man.

The only way for the believer to miss blessing is to try to reinvent the wheel - self-righteousness, legalism, and religion.

The first half of the book of Romans tells us how righteousness is imputed. The last half of the book of Romans tells us how to exploit the imputation of divine righteousness.

The parenthesis or the transition becomes the motivation, the encouragement, the understanding, getting back to reality by facing the facts of doctrine.

“On the contrary” means that this question is wrong.

This blasphemy stems from ignorance. Ignorance leads to fear and fear leads to accusations. Even the greatest believers can fall into this.

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