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God the Father has authority over all the clay. Part 3.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The first half of the book of Romans tells us how righteousness is imputed. The last half of the book of Romans tells us how to exploit the imputation of divine righteousness.

The parenthesis or the transition (Rom 9-11) becomes the motivation, the encouragement, the understanding, the getting back to reality by facing the facts of doctrine.

“On the contrary, who are you?” means that these questions are wrong, and how is it you think you can boldly question God?

“You are wrong stupid. Who are you?”
(Col. Thieme)

Only the believer has the hope of breaking the chains of this thinking by overcoming the flesh (OSN), the world and the kingdom of darkness.

This blasphemy stems from ignorance. Ignorance leads to fear and fear leads to accusations. Even the greatest believers can fall into this.

The unbelieving Jew in our passage is both arrogant and legalistic. He overestimates himself while at the same time underestimates God.

The illustration of the potter and the clay is a beautiful one, but don’t ascribe to God the characteristics of a human potter. God does not work by whim, or get tired, or change. Which vessel you will be is up to your volition.

Even though we are always in God’s hands we can choose to go negative toward His word and spoil like a lump of clay that spins out of control. And then God is forced to make us something that He didn’t initially desire but is now forced to make.

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