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The Angelic Conflict – Part 13 Outline

The Angelic Conflict – Part 13 –

Point 4. – Two Categories of Fallen Angels Under the Command of Satan –

(1) Non-operational angels. 

a) Gen 6 angels involved in the angelic attack to infiltrate the human race, now in Tartarus. 

b) The first demon assault army incarcerated in the abyss at this time.

The abyss is the location of the demon king Abaddon or Apollyon, Satan’s assistant or his right hand man.

1. Only those in the cosmic system, the world system, can be attacked. Believers who are PTD are protected by a wall of fire. 2. They cannot kill their victims – this relates to crisis evangelism.

These demons actually have the power and the ability to be visible to man.

Locusts are used for an army of destruction. Scorpions are used as an analogy for torture. This is all a manifestation of the grace of God as warning before judgment!

This is God’s last appeal to the believer to get out of the cosmic system and to the unbeliever to become born again and saved!

Their target will be made up of people who live in the cosmic system, believers and unbelievers of the Tribulation.

COL 1:16 “For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities — all things have been created by Him and for Him.”

Those who have the seal of God became saved after the Rapture, during the Tribulation, and are slaves or servants to God. They carry out the will and the purpose of God.

Their target includes only those people who actually reside in the cosmic system, but they cannot kill them.

torment = basanizo = to question by applying torture, to torture, to vex with grievous pains (used of body or mind), to torment, to be harassed, to be distressed.

Before TLJC comes back in the Second Coming (Second Advent), Satan turns on his own kingdom.

LUK 9:25 “For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world, and loses or forfeits himself?”

When our Lord returns to the earth, He doesn’t find a thriving world under the rulership of Satan but a kingdom divided – the kingdom of darkness is divided against itself.

So great is the pain and suffering from this demon assault army that many will seek death but they will never find it.

Only when a believer’s in fellowship, learning and applying Bible doctrine, and executing the plan of God, does he have any way of coping with adversity.

Good decisions result in great blessing and prosperity. Bad decisions result in great adversity. Man is the product of his own decisions!

As a result of living in the cosmic system, they will seek as the only solution to their problems the one solution which is a total admission of defeat – suicide.

The issue = the Millennial reign is about to start and every unbeliever is going to be removed from the earth by the baptism of fire – this is their last chance to be saved!

As believers they have hit the bottom, and the only decision that they can make that will start their recovery is to rebound, or if they’re unbelievers, to become a believer.

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