Grace Bible Church
Pastor Teacher Robert R. McLaughlin
Wednesday,  August 5, 2015
The Greatness and Glory of God. Psalm 119.
Samech = 5th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

It represents what is known as a fulcrum - used for leverage in the ancient world.

Here Bible doctrine is the fulcrum because doctrine can lift the heavy loads and burdens of life.

Samech is both that what strains the string of the bow, and the humming of the string.

Samech is also the hissing of a snake, the physical life force, the egotistic impulses, and the seductive instincts.

As a prop it is the life force that sustains everything, through that process it links the above with the below.

He'll take away money, success, pleasure, friends, loved ones, social-life, materialism etc...if they become a hindrance to the believer.

In place of all these things he gives you pressure.

Double-minded thoughts are manifested by doubts and instability.

Hiding place means a place where he can retreat when pressured.

The shield represents our defense in time of disaster.

The shield protects us from fiery darts.

The shield also bounces back what others fire at us.

Wait is the Hebrew verb yachal which means to use the faith-rest drill in a situation of total Confusion and disaster.

This is the confidence to concentrate on the promises of God and the plan of God while everything is falling apart around you.

Evildoers are those who do not have divine viewpoint  or if they do have they refuse to apply it.

The Samech file...the support file.

A crutch is dependence on the things of this world while a lever is God's word lifting off the pressure.

We may be ashamed of our thoughts, words and deeds because they come from our self-life.

Uphold me means to support in the sense of refreshments.

The word safe refers not to deliverance out of the disaster but deliverance in the disaster.

They had rejected and wandered from doctrine they ended up in slavery.

"Like dross" means - God has purified the people by bringing out those that are true to His word.

God who is the purger of the church will bring situations in to separate them.

The spiritual life that God has provided just for you has all the solutions to every single problem you will ever face.

When you are involved in the plan of God and the living spiritual life that God has provided, you will have all kinds of afflictions and difficulties to deal with.

EXO 1:12  But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and the more they spread out,

Choosing to use any defense mechanism is volition going in the opposite direction from your spiritual life.

A major soul conflict exists in the life of every believer between defense mechanisms and metabolized doctrine at any stage of growth.

PVTD is needed not only in the perception and metabolization stage but also in the recall and application stage.

If ever there is to be recovery, it has to begin with problem solving device number 1, the rebound technique.

If you are on a self-righteous kick, you are involved with some type of defense mechanism which equals pseudo tranquility.

They can never metabolize doctrine and live the spiritual life because they are still clinging to the defense mechanisms and have not replaced them with problem solving devices.

How can a believer have an effective and wonderful relationship with God apart from the filling of the Spirit, personal love for God the Father, and occupation with Christ?

How can a believer have wonderful interaction and a great relationship with other people without doctrinal orientation and grace orientation?

How can the believer have a life of meaning, purpose, and definition apart from a personal sense of destiny?

How can I have the necessary metabolized doctrine in the stream of consciousness when I have all of these defense mechanisms rather than the problem solving devices on the defense line of the soul?

Defense mechanisms to avoid reality in life and become a loser or the function of the ten problem solving devices to become a winner.


One of the most overlooked things is that God forgives and forgets all past sins and failures.

Machah which also means to abolish, blot out, destroy, to obliterate, and to exterminate.

ISA 43:25 is before salvation, ISA 44:22 is after salvation.

The soul, and especially the heart, is the location of the spiritual life.

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