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Friday, July 3, 2015

An acrostic Psalm is an ancient filing system that the Jews developed from the Hebrew alphabet with every letter from their alphabet having a special significance and meaning.

Gimel - g  = refers to a the camel or the means in the ancient world of the animal which was used  for traveling with great gifts, or intense wisdom through experience.

PSA 7:8, The Lord judges the peoples; Vindicate me, O Lord, according to my righteousness and my integrity that is in me.

PSA 119:116, Sustain me according to Thy word, that I may live; And do not let me be ashamed of my hope.

PSA 119:170, Let my supplication come before Thee; Deliver me according to Thy word.

It is the Hebrew verb  lmÆ)G+ Gamel which means as it is translated "deal bountifully" meaning to treat a person well, to benefit the person even though he is going through underserved suffering.

1.  Avoidance of the details of life trap (inside all of us there must be doctrine to give us capacity).
a) Money
b) Success - job
c) Pleasure
d) Social life
e) Loved ones
f) Friends g) Health h) Sex i) Status symbols

2.  Having a negative attitude toward Bible doctrine.

EPH 4:17-18 tells us that those who are NTD will be alienated from a local assembly.

Envy; Hostility; Jealousy; Guilt complex; Pride; Fear; Bitterness; Antagonisms; Vindictiveness; Worry,  Anxiety;

There can be no benefit for those who have M.A. sins because they produce self induced misery.
1. Avoidance of detail trap (inside all of us there must be doctrine to give us capacity).

2. Having a negative attitude toward Bible doctrine.

3. The knowledge trap of 1CO 8:1; where gnosis KNOWLEDGE can Puff someone up, but love edifies or builds up.

No one can truly live outside of God's goodness and mercy unless they keep God's word.

Gal - the imperative mood - if I am going to be able to glorify You God - You need to open my eyes.     ‏ÁlG~  It is galah = give me discernment.

For our eyes to be opened we need light in our soul. Grace must bring light unto our soul. Torah, used 25 times in Psalm 119: “It's a parent verb meaning "to teach" or "to direct."

It means ‘revelation.’ - he wants God to reveal to him what he is going through and why?

Why? If I am doing my best to fulfill ROM 8:28 ---then why?

Why, isn't DEU 23:5 happening to me?

Why, if I'm obeying 1Cor 16:22 are these things happening to me?

Why does it seem like ISA 54:17 is not happening to me?

Why isn't it 2CO 13:8 being revealed in my life?

Why doesn't MAT 7:8 seem to not apply to me when you said "For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened. - and I have done those?

Behold is the Hebrew verb nabat in the imperfect tense which means to look at something with pleasure not with fear i.e.1JO 4:18, perfect love cast our fear.

"Lord, You need to cause me to see these things that are happening to me from the divine viewpoint because I don't understand why --- even from the human viewpoint!!"

Sometimes the only pleasure we will see around us is what is inside of our soul.

He wants the eyes of his soul to be turned inward to behold the  wonderful things from God's law which is defined as His doctrine or that which directs, guides, aims and shoots us forward.

This is the Gimel file - which means that wisdom comes from years of experience like great gifts come a long way at times.

MAT 12:42 "The Queen of the South shall rise up with this generation at the judgment and shall condemn it, because she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, something greater than Solomon is here."

He is a foreigner in prison or he is not a friend to the world, JAM 4:4; or in HEB 11:13, he is a pilgrim and stranger.

Crushed means to be broken under great pressure, to be bruised.

Ordinances is (miswahmiswot, used 22 times): “This word emphasizes the straight and direct authority of what is said . . . the right to give orders.” (Derek Kidner)

Here is a person totally helpless, under great abuse, and yet he has inner happiness.

Just like Jewish race, for 400 years they were under slavery.

When you are in maximum disastrous conditions it is your inner resources that will strengthen you.

The human soul is the place where people crack up in tantrums, emotionalism, panic palace, etc.

Wander is the Hebrew verb shagah which means to wander or go astray.

What he is going through in PSA 119:22 Take away reproach and contempt from me, For I observe Thy testimonies.

Testimonies (edutedot, used 23 times): This word is related to the word for witness. To obey His testimonies “signifies loyalty to the terms of the covenant made between the Lord and Israel.” (Willem VanGemeren)

1) Rebound 2) Faith rest 3) Occupation with Christ.

His father was even a high priest and they blamed him.

He only can meditate on that which he has stored. PSA 119:24 Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counselors
Delight = my love.

Notice that God's testimonies are your counselors, not God's pastors or God's people but God's Testimonies.

Testimonies - again this word is related to the word for witness. To obey His testimonies “signifies loyalty to the terms of the covenant made between the Lord and the believer”; (VanGemeren)

Statutes (huqqim, used 21 times): The noun is derived from the root verb “engrave” or “inscribe”; the idea is of the written word of God and the authority of His written word. “Declaring his authority and power of giving us laws.” (Matthew Poole)

Both definitions says it refers to Bible doctrine metabolized in your soul - (R.R. McLaughlin!)

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