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Hardness of the heart manifested by transference arrogance.

Friday, July 10, 2009

They saw the Nile river turn to blood,
EXO 7:20 (symbolized death).

2. They saw the land of Egypt covered with frogs, EXO 8:6
(symbolized pride-arrogance).

3. They saw all the dust and sand in Egypt turn into gnats on man and beast. EXO 8:17 (Symbolized the uncleanness-filth of the flesh).

4. They saw swarms of insects upon the entire land of Egypt,
EXO 8:24 (symbolized Beelzebub, lord of the flies).

5. They saw all the livestock of Egypt die while all the livestock of Israel lived, EXO 9:6 (Symbolized rejection of the natural man).

“The Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart”
on the sixth plague, it does not mean that the Lord suddenly reached inside of his soul and grabbed his volition and moved it from positive to negative.

There have been five plagues to this point.

He is going to allow Pharaoh to break the all time world record for hardness of heart and scar tissue of soul and still being alive.

The Pharaoh of the Exodus is regarded by Israel as one of the greatest enemies of Israel of all time.

Transference arrogance is accusing someone else of that which is true about your own life.

1. Every believer has a sin nature and under the right conditions has the potential to be a walking bombshell ready to explode.

2. Joseph’s brothers assumed in arrogance that once their father Jacob died, that Joseph would take revenge on them for selling him into slavery.

3. The brothers assumed that because they had such arrogant thoughts that Joseph had them also.

4. Transference arrogance
is defined as the fragmented life which takes one’s own flaws and transfers them to someone else.

Moses exploded in his own life when he attempted to liberate the Jews from slavery the first time by killing a taskmaster.

Moses had to learn his own limitations, and in the process, learned humility so that he could become God’s servant, an instrument for the deliverance of Israel.

A part of knowing your own limitations is to realize that those are your sins and flaws; don’t transfer them to others.

If you do you will explode just like a bombshell through jealousy, bitterness, hatred, antagonism, self-pity, revenge motivation, or implacability.

Those who make accusations and judge others are usually guilty of the very thing they judge others for.

While at the same time beginning with the Exodus generation the same situation exists.

A tremendous correlation between the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart and the hardness of the Exodus generation.

Pharaoh hardened his heart 10 times, and the Lord did the exact same thing.

EXO 9:14, “For this time I will send all My plagues upon your heart,” The word leb was not translated. His hard heart meant stubbornness,

His hard heart meant stubbornness, He was inflexible, He was bullheaded, obstinate, tenacious.His hard heart meant stubbornness, He was inflexible, He was bullheaded, obstinate, tenacious.And yet he will never succeed.

Prin - No one ever had a greater chance for salvation than Pharaoh.

The same thing we have noted happened to Esau. He sought salvation with tears but his heart had become too hard.

He allows Pharaoh to continue living.Because the Lord just permitted him to stay alive.

No one ever had such an opportunity to say yes. And no one ever had so much strength from hardness of the heart to say no.

For the very things that Pharaoh witnessed, people all over Egypt, and throughout the world also witnessed, and believed in the Lord.

1. To show the devastating effects of hardness of the heart.
2. To demonstrate his power throughout the entire world which will be the means of evangelization during the Exodus generation.

By saying no, five more times, he established a world’s record for hardness of the heart.

For two generations, as a result of one man’s hardness of the heart, The name of Adonai Elohenu Adonai Echard was engraved throughout the entire inhabited earth.

Pharaoh continued to use his own negative volition even though he saw more and more of God’s power.

Pharaoh used his own negative volition, even though, like the Exodus generation of believer’s in the desert he saw more and more of God’s power, and when God would take away the judgment, He saw God’s grace.

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