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Hyper Calvinism! What’s The Bibles Definition Of This Heresy, Evil & Error?

The past two services we have established the uniqueness of our Lord’s death upon the cross and the “thoughts” that He was thinking while He was upon the cross.

  1. Prophecy: The promise seed; Gen 3:15.
  2. Prophecy: Virgin Birth; Isa 7:14.
  3. Prophecy: The wooden cross or tree;  Deu 21:22-23.

King James = 1Pe 2:24  Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

  1. Prophecy: Passover replaced by Lord’s Supper; Exo 12:3-7.
  2. Prophecy: Brazen serpent being lifted up; Num 21:5-9.
  3. Prophecy: A reproach of men,  despised by people, being scorned or sneered, Psa 22:6-8.


  1. Prophecy: Hands and feet being pierced; Psa 22:16.
  2. Prophecy: Casting lots for His garments; Psa 22:18.
  3. Prophecy: – not one of His bones would be broken; Psa 34:20.


  1. Prophecy: False witnesses; Psa 35:11.
  2. Prophecy: Betrayal of Judas Iscariot; Psa 41:9.
  3. Prophecy: Gall and vinegar to alleviate suffering; Psa 69:21.
  4. Prophecy: physical abuse and humiliation of Jesus;  Isa 50:6 “I gave My back to those who strike Me, and My cheeks to those who pluck out the beard; I did not cover My face from humiliation and spiting.”


  1. Prophecy: He would come to die for our sins; Isa 53:5.
  2. Prophecy: He would be silent as He approached the cross; Isa 53:7.


  1. Prophecy: His crucifixion between two thieves; Isa 53:12.
  2. Prophecy: The piercing of Jesus’s side; Zec 12:10.


  1. Prophecy: nailing of Jesus’ hands and feet; Zec 13:6.
  2. Prophecy: He was not received by His own; Isa 53:3.
  3. Prophecy: The events up to the cross, Zec 9:9 & after the Cross.

We all understand the importance of the free will of man working together with the sovereignty or the sovereign will of God.

It is extremely vital that you understand the Angelic Conflict and the reason why you have been created which is to resolve that conflict by exercising your very own free will or volition.

We are all a part of an invisible spiritual warfare which is designed by the god of this world, Satan, to destroy any momentum that we have from taking in the Word of God.

There’s a great comfort and security to the belief that you and I have a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ that can never be broken.

This all comes from understanding the reason why there is an Angelic Conflict which is the result of prehistoric creatures being in opposition to God and  ungrateful for all that He did for all of them.

This conflict began with the fall of Satan and continued until all angelic creatures had made a decision for or against God.

Angels were created in eternity past, before the creation of the human race or in pre-historic times.

There is always a danger that we may think that Judas Iscariot was ordained by God to betray our Lord.

There is no way to understand why we have been created if we do not understand the angelic conflict and the importance of glorifying the Lord.

HyperCalvinism refers to the theology which denies the universal duty of human beings to believe in Christ for the salvation of their souls.

Even though they will not say it publicly, they do teach that a person can’t choose to be saved even if they want to.

Doris Day — “Que-Sera Sera; what will be will be.

The Hyper-Calvinist doesn’t take into account the free will of man. All they really take into account is the sovereignty of God.

The sovereignty of God is His eternal, infinite, and perfect divine volition by which He can do whatever He desires whenever He wants to.

The sovereignty of God is His eternal and infinite will be expressed in the divine decrees, manifest in the comprehensive divine interpretation of history called dispensations.

The Hyper-Calvinist only takes into account the sovereign  will of God and ignores the free-will of man, Hyper-Calvinism says that no individual can become born-again or saved by their own choice.

HyperCalvinism also denies the freedom that comes from Bible doctrine to the apostate theology that man has no right to question God because of Rom 9 and the sovereignty of God.

Danger = those who believe it and live in it become apathetic, careless, indifferent, uncaring, or irresponsible when it comes to the PPOG and PSD’s.

Hyper-Calvinism will kill Gospel preaching to the lost. 

For the Hyper-Calvinist, all they can see in Scripture is God’s sovereignty to the exclusion of man’s volition and  responsibility.

To call on all sinners to believe on Christ and repent of their sins is, for the Hyper-Calvinist, an outright denial of God’s sovereignty in salvation. Hence, they scorn Gospel preaching!

In their erroneous thinking, they have cut out the imperative and necessity for sinners to hear the Gospel if they would be saved (cf. Rom 10:13-17.

Since God has already chosen who will be saved (Rom 9:6-24; Eph 1:4; 2Th 2:13, then God’s elect, the Hyper-Calvinist reasons, do not need to hear the call of the Gospel unto salvation.

To believe this, not only misrepresents the doctrine of election, it denies the fact that God has ordained Gospel preaching as the divine means to bring His elect to saving faith (cf. 1Co 1:18-2:5).

Hyper-Calvinism kills prayer. As the Hyper-Calvinist muses on God’s sovereign decree, he concludes: “Well, if I pray, it won’t change things; if I don’t pray it won’t change things.”

God calls us to pray (1Th 5:18).

Like preaching, prayer is ordained by God as an instrument through which He accomplishes His purposes (Phi 1:9-20).

The Hyper-Calvinist wants to kill such activity because he thinks it to be a sign of unbelief in God’s eternal decree.

Hyper-Calvinism kills a grateful spirit in the providence of God.

The Hyper-Calvinist is essentially a fatalist.

His view of God’s sovereignty takes no account of how God is personally, wisely, and lovingly, working all things together for the believer’s good (Rom 8:28).

The Hyper-Calvinist concludes: “Well, what is to be will be, so what happened was just what was planned.”

Most believers do not know how to defend the inconsistences and the attacks that are made against God by the Hyper-Calvinist individual who is usually blinded by their arrogance.

The easiest way to handle any type of doctrine that attacks the character and nature of God, especially those who think like a Hyper Calvinist and misinterpret the most important doctrine of all,  the Unlimited atonement.


  1. When Adam and the woman sinned, they were both representing the human race and therefore, one man’s sin, namely Adam’s, condemned the entire human race.

The next thing that you need to be convinced of is when did you become a sinner?

Psa 51:5   Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, And in sin my mother conceived me.

Once a person is brought forth in his physical body, God breathes into his soul the neshemah of life (breath of life),  then we are told something else we do as soon as we be born.

PSA 58:3  The wicked are estranged from the womb; These who speak lies go astray from birth.

The point is that every baby brought into the world is automatically condemned as a sinner before they commit their first sin; Psa 51:5.

Those who take these principles to the extreme teach that man is either chosen by God to go to heaven and live with Him forever or man is chosen by God to go to eternal damnation.

These types of believers usually function under what they call TULIP which is an acronym of five essential tenets or points concerning the Sovereignty of God and the depravity of man.

The acronym T.U.L.I.P.;
(T)   Total Depravity.
(U)  Unconditional election.
(L)  Limited atonement.
(I)   Irresistible grace.
(P) Perseverance of the saints.

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