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The illustration of virtue in Greek drama. Part 16. The great character trait called “contentment” is the basis for all happiness in life. .

Sunday, June 20, 2004

1. Virtue (respect, loyalty, devotion).
2. Knowledge – perception of doctrine.
3. Self-control – organized life.
4. Perseverance – endurance or consistency.
5. Godliness – living the spiritual life.
6. Brotherly love – love for members of the Royal Family.
7. Agape love – impersonal love for all members of the human race.

“Choosing” – “Therefore, brethren, be motivated even more to make your calling and election a spiritual reality.”

a. The invitation of God the Father to believe in Jesus Christ.
b. The election of the believer.

Motivation and progressive changes are two principles that go together.

They do not realize the calling of God upon their life or the divine invitation to participate in the greatest victory ever won.

They can move from “drug stimulation” or “lust stimulation” to alcohol and substance abuse, but these things have no fulfilling and lasting gratification.

HEB 11:25 they choose to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin;

Turn to JAM 1:14

One out of every 5 people have mental problems.

“Lack of motivation” causes people to quit in life and even die in some cases.

As a substitute for motivation they accept some form of artificial cheap stimulation.

They are going to have that great character trait called “contentment,” which is the basis for all happiness in life.

One of the definitions of a zombie is a “will-less” person.

Without motivation there is no progressive change, no enthusiasm.

The calling of God upon your life or the divine invitation to participate in the greatest victory ever won.

Turn to JAM 4:13

“Most of the good times people have do not carry them in times of disaster.”

Turn to ECC 6:12

HOS 8:7-8 For they sow the wind, And they reap the whirlwind. Ephraim feeds on wind, And pursues the east wind continually; He multiplies lies.

If you are in fellowship with Him, He will prepare you for the future as a loving father tries to prepare his children.

No one is able to discern what is coming after the situation in which he now finds himself in.

Why should a person make extensive preparations along one line ­ like acquiring wealth and riches – if he has absolutely no knowledge of what the future holds?

He may require strength of character, but all he has is a strong fortune.

He may need the certainty of divine hope and confidence, but his hope is built on the uncertainty of riches.

The difference between those who can stand the rain, the floods, the winds and those who cannot is because one group applied what they heard, the other group did not.

Solomon learned this lesson the hard way; rather than listen to God’s command not to associate with foreign women, Solomon disobeyed by marrying many non-Israelites who eventually turned his devotion away from the Lord, 1KI 11:1-4.

God disciplined him by raising up foreign adversaries who brought much turmoil to his final years as Israel’s ruler (1Ki 11).

ECC 2:17-18, So I hated life, for the work which had been done under the sun was grievous to me; because everything is futility and striving after wind. Thus I hated all the fruit of my labor for which I had labored under the sun, for I must leave it to the man who will come after me.

2PE 1:10 Therefore, brethren, be motivated even more to make certain about His calling and election;

PRO 4:23 Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it {flow} the springs of life.

PRO 23:26 Give me your heart, my son, And let your eyes delight in my ways.

The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart.

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