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The illustration of virtue in Greek drama, part 4. What is your chorus line?

Friday, May 28, 2004

All Christian service, praying, giving, witnessing, serving, etc. is all action.

Success, Pleasure, Wealth, Sex, Prosperity, Promotion

All Christian activity has no meaning in itself unless you have virtue.

Just because the Bible says “do certain things” that does not mean that is the Christian way of life.

Motivation by love eliminates the strain and the sacrifice of life.

2CO 5:14 For the love of Christ motivates us, having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died;

Motivational virtue – personal love toward God.
Functional virtue – unconditional love toward mankind.

You have wood, hay, straw at the judgment seat of Christ, 1CO 3:12.

Brotherly kindness

In the ancient Greek dramas if a person entered what was known as the “dramatic contests” they had a chance to become winners overnight.

To enter a dramatic contest you had to have 3 tragedies, 1 comedy, 1 sad play.

The action of the play must have unity of flow and develop under the concepts of consistency.

The second unity that had to be observed was time.
The drama in the fifth century B.C. must be compressed into one day.

The third concept was place.
The drama had to take place in one location.

The action is the ability to meet any particular circumstance of life.

The place that you perform your life must be the PPOG.

The action takes place in a 24-hour period which points to the doctrine of one day at a time. The plot in Greek drama had to have unity, ROM 8:28.

Brotherly kindness

Loss of temper

We, as believers, will face X-number of problems and situations in life.

Knowing how to deal with situations comes from learning the ten problem-solving devices of the PPOG.

The greatest expense in the performance of a Greek drama was the money needed to hire, train, and costume the Greek chorus, which took an entire year – it takes time to learn the problem-solving devices.

In Greek drama, there was a dancing circle there called orchestra – the stage on which the action took place.

“The earth is a stage” for our spiritual growth and the dynamics of our Christian life.

“Supply with your doctrine – virtue” is in the imperative mood.

Knowledge – dative singular feminine noun – gnosei – gnwvsei = academic information. Gnosis = perception of doctrine; knowledge of doctrine.

Gnosis is used and not epignosis because Peter can only take us as far as our volition.

1. You must subject yourself to academic teaching and therefore positive volition toward doctrine (including staying up to date with the communication of every doctrine your pastor-teacher communicates).

2. You must mix faith with what you hear at the point of perception, HEB 4:1-2.

To be a winner “gnosis doctrine” must always be metabolized.

Virtue motivates the believer to be humble, teachable, and therefore motivated to perceive “more doctrine.”

“Humility causes teachability” and virtue causes metabolism.

Humility is a virtue which causes you to listen to doctrine under EPH 5:18.

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