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Robert R. McLaughlin
Wednseday, October 22, 2014

The nomenclature for Christian losers.

1.  Carnal believer, ROM 8:7; 1CO 3:1‑3.
2.  Prisoner to the law of sin, ROM 7:23.
3.  A wretched believer, ROM 7:24.
4.  Grieving the Holy Spirit, EPH 4:30.
5.  Quenching the Spirit, 1The 5:19.
6.  The enemy of the Cross, PHI 3:18.
7.  The enemy of God, JAM 4:4.
8.  The flawed believer, JAM 1:23‑24.
9.  The psycho believer or double‑minded, JAM 4:8.

The Christian loser has the option of rebound, which means restoration to fellowship with God, recovery of the filling of the Spirit, and the continuation of the spiritual life.

A. He is described in GAL 5:4 as “drifting off course from grace.” There is a phrase in GAL 5:4 called “fallen” from grace the proponents of losing your salvation try and use to back their false doctrine.
This, of course is a misquotation of HEB 10:26   For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins,

B. The loser is also described in HEB 12:15 as “coming short of the grace of God.”

C.  He is described as “the tormented soul” of 2PE 2:7‑8.

Separation from unbelievers inside the cosmic system is taught in 2CO 6:14‑17.

This is why you are given the order: “therefore come out from among them.”

Separation is important in your social life, life, JER 15:16‑17; 1PE 4:3‑4.

D.  He is described as “the lukewarm believer” of REV 3:15‑16.

E.  He is also described as “the shipwrecked believer” of 1TI 1:19,  “Having doctrine and a good conscience, which some believers have pushed aside, concerning which doctrine they have become shipwrecked.”

F.  He is described as “being under the body of death” in ROM 7:24‑25.

1.  The misery he brings on himself, i.e., self induced or volitional misery.

2.  Divine discipline in three categories: warning discipline, intensive discipline, and dying discipline.

Time provides the opportunity for the BELIEVER WHO IS THE RECEIPIENT OF GOD’S GRACE to attain God’s highest and best under election, i.e., under the deposit of God the Father to the believer in eternity past.

Prin-The fulfillment of the PPOG in time leads to a rich entrance into the eternal kingdom.

The fulfillment of the PPOG in time leads to a rich entrance into the eternal kingdom, 2PE 1:10-11.

A.  Stay in the PPOG; quickly rebound to get back in after sinning.  B.  Remain under the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.  C.  Metabolize the doctrine you learn.

Your escrow blessings are actually a conveyance from the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, the depositary, to the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ in you by virtue of your union with Him.

1. The conveyance and the transfer of certain blessings in time known as “temporal blessings” and “super blessings.”

2. The conveyance and the transfer of certain blessings in eternity known as eternal blessings, rewards, decorations and privileges.

What you will be less happier in contrast to what winners have will be like in heaven, poor or rich.

Under election, God wills the highest and best for you, you’ve heard a thousand times, but….you can refuse it!

God the Father found a way for His justice to provide perfect fantastic blessing to His righteousness in us, without any compromise of His essence.

God provided everything necessary for the function in life, dying, eternity, growing in grace, and the execution and fulfillment of the PPOG.

(1) The crown of righteousness. (2)  The crown of life. (3)  The incorruptible crown. (4)  The crown of rejoicing. (5)  The crown of glory.
Some will have the crown of righteousness for loving his appearing or being totally occupied with TLJC and producing divine good, 2TI 4:8.

Some will have the crown of life for enduring trials, heartaches, disasters and coming out glorifying the Lord, JAM 1:12,REV 2:10.

Some will have the incorruptible crown for mastering their O.S.N. 1CO 9:24-27.

Some will have the crown of rejoicing for being soul winners, 1TH 2:19.

Some will have the crown of glory for being willing to feed the flock of God, 1PE 5:4.

There is the ultimate decoration:  The order of the morning star.

The mature believer will be a king over a Gentile nation and rule during the Millennium.

REV 22:16  “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to declare these things to you for the churches; I am the root [Jesus Christ as eternal God], and the descendent of David [Jesus Christ in hypostatic union], the bright morning star [His title for the first and second advents].”

Prin-The order of the morning star is named after our Lord’s royal title and is given for historical impact in the Church-age.

These believers can eat from the Tree of life in the paradise of God, located in the New Jerusalem.

(1)  The uniform of honor, being invisible and worn in the soul, is exchanged at the judgment seat of Christ for the translucent uniform of glory worn over the resurrection body.

It was first modeled by Jesus Christ on the Mount of transfiguration, Mat 17, “And His clothes became white as light.”

The uniform of glory is given as a translucent light which covers the resurrection body, REV 3:4‑5, “they will walk with me in whites…”.

(2)  The name of the winner appears on the honors list, and he is presented in the court of heaven during the tribulation on earth.

(3)  A new order of knighthood and eternal order of chivalry will be added to the believer’s name in the Lamb’s book of life forever, REV 2:17 cuff COL 3:4,6.

The new knighthood is given to the winner, REV 2:17, “To the winner, I will give him blessing from the hidden manna [escrow blessing for time and eternity]; also I will give him a white pebble [the resurrection body, God’s final vote of justification and for the eternal title he believer was elected to receive
they voted with colored pebbles in the ancient world], and on that white pebble has been inscribed a new title [your royal patent in the eternal heraldry] which no one knows [you are an anonymous hero during the Church age].”

(4)  The winner will rule with Christ during the millennium, REV 2:26‑28.

(5)  The winner’s name is recorded in the permanent historical record section because of his invisible historical impact during the Church-age, REV 3:12a.

REV 3:12  “The winner, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God.  Furthermore, he will never again vanish [go outside] from history.  Also I will emblazon on him the title of My God, and the name of the city of my God
[this will be his pass to enter the eternal city, the New Jerusalem, a satellite city suspended above the earth in the atmosphere or in space],the New Jerusalem, which shall descend from heaven from My God; also My new title [King of kings, Lord of lords, bright morning star].”

(6)  The winner receives his own coat of arms of glory, REV 3:12b.

(7)  The winner has special privileges related to the Tree of Life, the gazebo of the garden, called the paradise of God.
You are a member of a special club with special parties to which only you are invited; you’re a member of the paradise club forever, REV 2:7,14.

GEN 12:2, blessings of success GEN 17:16, blessings of posterity DEU 7:13, blessings in business DEU 15:4, blessing of finances

DEU 23:20, blessing of land DEU 28:12, blessing of prosperity DEU 30:16, blessing of property PSA 5:12,  Blessing of divine protection

PSA 29:11, blessing of peace (inner peace) PSA 132:15, blessing of more blessing GEN 49:25, blessing of sexual prosperity GEN 24:35, blessing of silver & gold

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