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Inevitably, Jesus Christ controls history, and He often uses the volition of evil people and evil nations to do so.

Friday, January 9, 2004

Turn to COL 1:16

Jesus Christ controls history, and He often uses the volition of evil people and evil nations to do so.

Blackout of the soul is failure to recognize Jesus Christ as the God-man. Scar tissue of the soul is rejection of Christ as Savior.

JOH 5:16 - the Jews were persecuting Jesus,
JOH 5:18 - the Jews were seeking all the more to kill Him,
JOH 6:41 The Jews therefore were grumbling about Him,
JOH 8:52 The Jews said, “We know that You have a demon.”

JOH 10:31 The Jews took up stones again to stone Him.
JOH 18:12 the officers of the Jews, arrested Jesus and bound Him,
JOH 1:11 He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him.

Most of the Jews became very arrogant because of the blessing of God being upon them, and so they entered into passive arrogance. Passive arrogance is generally associated with freedom and prosperity for three or four generations.

1. Volition. Human volition must have freedom and privacy for proper function. Divine establishment provides freedom and privacy for those who do not violate criminal law.

2. Marriage. Monogamy, a permanent relationship between one man and one woman, is ordained of God to remind mankind that He has from the beginning a design: right man - right woman, GEN 1:26:27, 5:1-2, 2:18-25;1CO 7:2-4.

Even the unbeliever, whose life is a total failure, can have great temporary happiness by marrying the right woman, ECC 9:9.

3. Family. God has provided certain divine laws, such as the authority of parents, to protect, care, nourish, provide, train, and discipline children to prepare them for life.

The highest expression of parental love is to inculcate through the forms of discipline.

4. Nationalism. If the entire human race were under one rule prior to the Millennium, it would self-destruct. Internationalism is outlawed as being evil by the Word of God.

Passive arrogance accepts freedom and prosperity totally apart from human virtue and a sense of responsibility.

Passive arrogance assumes one has a right to all those blessings without any responsibility and without adherence to the laws of divine establishment.

Passive arrogance by the Jews of the dispersion (when they were scattered from their home land) resulted in active arrogance on the part of their persecutors.

Negative volition, apostasy, and passive arrogance or indifference creates the vacuum which attracts the persecution of active arrogance, holocaust and historical disaster.

PRO 19:15 Laziness casts into a deep sleep, And an idle man will suffer hunger.

Evil demands evil and cruelty demands cruelty, and therefore passive arrogance demands the function of active arrogance against it.

Active arrogance punishes passive arrogance until the active arrogance through prosperity also becomes passive.

In REV 12:13, Satan, with active arrogance frustrated by his fall from heaven in the middle of the Tribulation, is the instrument of punishment of the Jews in the last half of the Tribulation.

Turn to REV 17:16-17

The groups who practice Anti-Semitism generally possess an active arrogance plus evil, e.g., the Muslims or the nation of Islam.

The Jews who will be the victims of Satan in the middle of the Tribulation are those apostate Jews who have developed passive arrogance through their residence and function in the cosmic system.

The ten horns and the beast represent political and historical degeneracy in the Tribulation period. The harlot or the prostitute represents religious degeneracy.

Ideology = the doctrines, opinions, or way of thinking of a certain class of people.

One produces historical degeneracy. The other produces religious degeneracy. Both violate divine institution number 1, freedom.

Since a religious society cannot think or reason, it becomes emotional with blind arrogance.

During the medieval times the Jews bounced back and forth between Romanism and Islamic persecution.

1. A great nation is built on humility, never arrogance.
2. When humility and virtue existed, the Jews were tolerated and accepted. But where arrogance existed they were persecuted.

3. Active arrogance is inspired by an outside source, Satan and his cosmic system. But passive arrogance is produced from an inside source, bad decisions from a position of weakness.
4. Passive arrogance is subjective toward its victims, while active arrogance is objective toward its victims.

1. Satan is arrogant, and arrogance blinds creatures from what they are actually doing.
2. Satan is obsessed with hatred for the Jews, and hatred causes creatures to be irrational and emotional.

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