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Knowing how to glorify God or how believers resist the will of God. Part 4.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Point 1. How the Believer Glorifies God.
Point 2. What Does Not Glorify God.
Point 3. The Pattern for Glorifying God in the Church-age.

a. Reception of Bible doctrine is the #1 priority.

Reception of Bible doctrine is not enough, there must also be the filling of the Holy spirit (EPH 5:18).

b. The second “R” is to enter into Retention, which refers to the metabolization of Bible doctrine, so that epignosis doctrine in the right lobe is the basis of momentum in the PPOG.

Once the human spirit is taught, the believer automatically understands it as “knowledge” or gnosis.

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Rejection of truth or doctrine is a rejection of the food we need to be metabolized into spiritual energy and therefore not having the proper information needed for the glorification of God.

Metabolized doctrine will change your life now and give you advantages you never dreamed of in time and all of eternity.

In the ancient world, just as a Greek athlete would exercise for the purpose of winning in the athletic contests, so the believer is exhorted to exercise with a view of excelling in godliness, the spiritual life.

Why is godliness or being trained in the spiritual life related to exercise?

Your daily intake of Bible doctrine under the filling of the Spirit is analogous to an exercise program that keeps you physically fit and in good health.

Spiritual exercise results in great spiritual stamina and great spiritual coordination.

HEB 5:14, But solid food [advance doctrine] belongs to them that are mature even those who by reason of use have their spiritual senses exercised to discern between divine good and satanic evil.

Your happiness depends on godliness or being trained in the spiritual life through metabolizing doctrine that God has provided.

Your capacity for life depends on godliness or being trained in the spiritual life through metabolizing the doctrine that God has provided.

Your success in life depends on living the spiritual life that God has provided.

The life to come is a reference for all eternity.

You are going to have the uniform of glory....the order of the morning star..... one or more of the various different crowns etc.

Godly discipline is profitable in time, but even more, it is profitable for the life to come.

Just like physical exercise has no benefit unless you are consistent and persistent, the same is true of spiritual exercise.

You will have occupation with Christ, capacity for life, happiness, wealth, success, prosperity etc.

MAR 10:30, “But you shall receive a hundred-fold now in this time.”

descriptive genitive singular
refers to life which is energetic and enthusiastic.

If you want to have a capacity for life and enjoy life, it is your good discipline or spiritual exercise which makes you great.

If you want to be wealthy, successful, or prosperous in some field, God can do this totally apart from cosmos diabolicus - the devil’s world!

1. Gumnazo is used because it requires great self-discipline and training to be consistent.
2. The verb gumnazo also means to exercise naked.

When the believer disciplines himself or exercises or being trained in the spiritual life through metabolizing doctrine that he realizes that he is naked before God.

PRO 28:13, “He who covers his sin will not prosper.”

The believer also realizes that “all things are naked and opened before the eyes of the Lord,”
HEB 4:13.

3. Gumnazo also implies training in the gym which results in being in shape or condition outside of the gym.

Instead they saw the results, his life, his health, his ability to handle problems.

In the gym he trained. Out of the gym he revealed the results of the training.

The analogy is that in the local assembly you train, out of the local assembly you reveal the results of that training.

They were known as great lovers because their self-discipline overflowed into their love life.

They became great soldiers and great leaders because they went through this system of self discipline.

They were good at anything they did because they had learned a principle that all capacity for life and happiness is based on self-discipline.

Those who have this capacity can enjoy wealth, success, society, sex, everything.

He said no one is ever going to reach spiritual maturity without a system of discipline. They’re going to have to be under a pastor-teacher.

It is only when gnosis is transformed into epignosis that the believer can receive the momentum to keep going and put on the new man who is being renewed because of epignosis.

2CO 4:7, but we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the surpassing greatness of the power may be of God and not from ourselves;

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