Guest Speaker: Pastor Joe Sugrue
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

“The wise man in the storm prays to God, not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear. It is the storm within which
endangers him, not the storm without.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Vs. 22-40 is addressed to the seeking crowd. When the crowd first lands in Capernaum they are seeking the Lord Jesus Christ, but not for salvation.

Vs. 41-51 we have the murmuring crowd. This is when they begin to object. This message was given in the synagogue at Capernaum and it results in a tremendous amount of dissatisfaction on the part of the crowd.

Vs. 52-59, is addressed to the disputing crowd. This was also in the synagogue at Capernaum and this message results in practically a riot.

Vs. 60-71, the fourth message is addressed to the disciples — those who deserted and those who stayed.

Behind all four of these messages is going to be the general analogy of bread, more importantly – the bread of life which is Jesus Christ.

The bread represents Christ and eating represents faith. Eating is a non-meritorious activity. The ability to eat is given to all members of the human race, good, bad, and indifferent.

Throughout each message the key is
“I am the bread of life.”

“when did you get here” is the use of the Greek word ginomai which means to become and in this context it means to be in a place you shouldn’t be.

He can feed 5000, He can travel great distances in no time. Instead of saying to themselves, “what a God we have”, they say, “what an earthly king for us this man will be.”

Not only will they reject the Gospel but they will reveal their self-absorption which is always revealed through ignorance of the truth.

Wherever you find verily, verily in the Gospel of John it means “point of doctrine.” So Jesus had an answer for them and communicated, “Point of doctrine.”

The miracle indicates that Jesus Christ is God, that Jesus Christ is the God-Man, that He is the only saviour, and that He has come in order to present Himself in the courtroom of the Father, the cross, and to bear the sins of the world.

Arrogance breads ignorance and the greatest of all blessings goes unnoticed.

Jesus is getting ready to turn them from the food they have eaten, which is their primary focus right now, to spiritual things.

Jesus told these people, “Labor not in such earthly things which are finite and have nothing to do with your real problem which is eternal.”

“the food which perishes” — refers to the details of life. These people are more interested in the details of life but they are not interested in Christ. They want to use Him to get what they want.

The food which endures to everlasting life is Christ. He is the bread of life.

In other words, how can you work for something that is going to be given to you?

And the answer is going to be – God already did the work so that all you have to do now is believe in the Son.

At a point of time in eternity past God the Father sealed the Son who would come into the fullness of time [the Roman empire] and present Himself and go to the cross and die for the sins of the world.



Grace Bible Church
Basic Training in Doctrine

Immediately the storm ceased around them and it was so smooth. The wind stopped suddenly, the waves stopped, and the sea smoothed out like glass, and it was like being on land. That is a miracle.

What does it mean to have the Lord aboard? It means to have doctrine active in your soul under the power of the filling of the HS.

You must be minus fear and have doctrine alive and powerful in your soul and then you will walk with courage despite the storm.

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