As goes the church so goes the nation; will be a reoccurring theme for the next few messages. Which points to Bel’s taking responsibility for the conditions around them.

The King of Judah (Manasseh) recorded in 2Kin 21 & 2Chron 33 (687-643 B.C.) is a good study on what happens to a client nation unto God, when the Bels follow wicked leadership. America has some similarities with this study.

Client nation unto God=

1.God’s laws of divine establishments are in place. Volition (free will), marriage (Christian), family, nationalism.

  1. Free enterprise is abundant. Kings or government officials do not interfere with the common man’s property, family or business.
  2. Churches are free from government intrusion as long as no criminal or anti-government (rebellion) action has been observed there.
  3. A safe haven for the Jews. Also a place where Jewish tradition and freedom to prosper are encouraged.
  4. Christian missionary activity is alive and stretches outside the nation but does not interfere with other governments.4 Divine Institutions=1.Volition- the free will of any person to believe what they want without government or church interference.
    1. Marriage- between a man and woman as was the first established principle in the Garden (Gen 2:18-25)
      1. Family- as noted throughout scripture starting in Gen 4 through chapter 10 all the way into NT, Eph 6, 1Tim 5, Act 10, Col 3, 1Cor 13 etc.

      4.Nationalism- is the means of protecting the human race from themselves. Gen 10 thru 11 and throughout scripture.

      Gen 11:4 They said, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.”

      Nationalism can be viewed in a similar light (not exact) as being born again into Christianity. We are all different yet we all follow the same God and His standard; the Bible.

      The difference today (CA), is that in a country that is a client nation unto God religious freedom is imperative. But a set of standards like the Constitution or founding principles & laws becomes the binding agent for our unity.

      The freedom element of the nation unto God allows for all cultures to flourish without impeding upon or altering the founding principles of that nation.

      Nationalism is the means of protecting and preserving the human race, so that no segment of individuals gets enough power to destroy the rest of the human race, and eventually themselves.

      The purpose of nationalism is to provide protection so that individual volition can operate under maximum freedom, and liberty reigns.

      One of the mandates for a client nation unto God is the respect and preservation of the divine scriptures.

      The Christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times, the religion of wisdom, virtue, equity and humanity.”

      “I have examined all religions, and the result is that the Bible is the best book in the world.” (John Adams)

      “The hope of a Christian is inseparable from his faith. Whoever believes in the Divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures must hope that the religion of Jesus shall prevail throughout the earth.   (Continue…)

      “Never since the foundation of the world have the prospects of mankind been more encouraging to that hope than they appear to be at the present time. And may the associated distribution of the Bible proceed and prosper till the Lord shall have made “bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God” [Isaiah 52:10] (John Q. Adams)

      “In the chain of human events, the birthday of the nation is indissolubly linked with the birthday of the Savior. The Declaration of Independence laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity.”

      (John Q. Adams)

      “I conceive we cannot better express ourselves than by humbly supplicating the Supreme Ruler of the world . . . that the confusions that are and have been among the nations may be overruled by the promoting and speedily bringing in the holy and happy period when the kingdoms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ …(continue)

      …may be everywhere established, and the people willingly bow to the scepter of Him who is the Prince of Peace. (Samuel Adams)

      Josiah Bartlett- Christian, Military officer, Judge & Governor of New Hampshire, signer of Declaration of Independence.

      Gunning Bedford- Christian, Military officer, congressman, Judge & signer of Constitution.

      Elias Boundinot- Christian, congressman, 1st Attorney on the Supreme Court, framer of the Bill of Rights.

      Charles Carroll- Christian, U.S. Senator, Framer of the Bill of Rights & delegate to the Constitutional convention.

      Two statements from the congress of 1854 =

      “The great, vital, and conservative element in our system is the belief of our people in the pure doctrines and the divine truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

      John Dickinson, Gabriel Duvall, Elbridge Gerry, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, John Hart, Patrick Henry. All Christian, all foundational builders of the U.S.A.

      1854 congress=

      “Had the people, during the Revolution, had a suspicion of any attempt to war against Christianity, that Revolution would have been strangled in its cradle… In this age, there can be no substitute for Christianity… That was the religion of the founders of the republic and they expected it to remain the religion of their descendants.”

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