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In order to fulfil their purpose of bearing fruit, branches (believers) must abide in the vine which nourishes them with sap mixed with water.

In the natural realm, sap and water are essential for the branches to live and survive.

Sap is a fluid transported in certain cells that are found in the elements of a plant and these cells transport water and nutrients throughout the plant so that the plant is vitalized and energized.

They should abide in fellowship with our Lord who gives them their vitality and energy which comes from the sap (A type of the ministry of God the Holy Spirit mixed with doctrine).

One of those lessons deal with God the Holy Spirit who did at least seven things for each Church-age believer at the moment of their salvation.

Yet we have something far greater and more challenging than the blasphemy by the “tongues crowd” or the “emotional revolt of the soul crowd” = you have and hold doctrine in your soul; Psa 56:4-11.

Although we are given some fantastic blessings at the moment of salvation,  none of these ministries make you feel better or any differently.

All emotional experiences have a human connotation.

There’s nothing wrong with the emotions as long as they are used in the way our Lord created them to be used = “legitimate emotion of sorrow or hurt” or the “legitimate emotion of laughter and rejoicing.

  1. Efficacious grace = the enabling power of God the H.S. to be used by the  unbeliever so that he becomes a believer in Christ or enables the person to have an effective faith in Christ as Savior.

We are working together with Him, and on the day of salvation, God the Holy spirit says that He helped us at “the acceptable time,” or “the day of our salvation.”

“Efficacious grace” also empowers the enabling power of God the Holy Spirit which enables the believer to have an effective faith in Christ as Savior.

Efficacious Grace -- God the H.S. picking up a person’s positive signals of faith in Christ and carrying them to the point of salvation by making their faith effectual or alive for God to see.

When we heard the Gospel we were spiritually dead and when we believed in Jesus Christ, it is the faith of a spiritually dead person.

What good is the faith of a spiritually dead person?

We were totally helpless to do anything to procure or to guarantee eternal salvation in our spiritually dead state.

He makes the Gospel clear to us = Common Grace.

Then He makes our faith in Christ effectual, giving our faith life, as it were. This is efficacious grace.

The Holy Spirit’s ministry at salvation is one of fantastic grace, both in making the Gospel understandable and in making our faith effectual.

  1.  The second ministry of the Holy Spirit at salvation is called regeneration. It is taught in Tit 3:5; 1Pe 1:23.

Regeneration is often called being “born again,” because that’s the way it is described in Joh 3:1-18, in our Lord’s discussion with Nicodemus.

Regeneration is the technical term for being “born again.”

Dichotomous = having a body and soul, but no human spirit. At the moment we believe in Christ, God the Holy Spirit creates a human spirit, making us Trichotomous; body soul, spirit.

The moment God the Holy Spirit creates a human spirit, God the Father imputes eternal life to that human spirit.

Any kind of life must have a place for the life to reside.

The human soul is where human physical life resides, imputed at our physical birth. The human spirit is where eternal life resides, imputed at our spiritual birth.

Soul life exists forever. The believer will live forever in heaven; the unbeliever will live forever in the Lake of Fire.

Why do believers live forever in heaven; and the unbeliever will live forever in the Lake of Fire?

The reason why is given to us in the second half of verse 18.

He has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

All it says about the reason they will be separated from God forever and ever is simple because of one sin, the sin of unbelief.

This gospel is mentioned even more in detail precisely; Joh 16:7-15.

Sin is described =  ”because they do not believe in Me;” or because it is the only sin that keeps individuals from going to heaven, the sin of UNBELIEF!

This time we talk about the importance of righteousness, not our righteousness but the Lord’s righteousness which is +R.

JOH 16:10 is why our Lord said concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father, and you no longer behold Me;

The righteousness that is mentioned concerning salvation is the righteousness of Christ and not of ourselves.

This refers to the judgment of Satan and his kingdom and has nothing to do with believers or even unbelievers who are being judged but the judgment concerns the ruler of the world (devil also called Satan).

Four Main Principles:

God the Holy Spirit = the power of God in salvation.

Sin is unbelief – for Humans

Righteousness – the righteousness of Christ (+R).

Judgment – refers to the Judgment of Satan.

Convictor = God the Holy Spirit

Sin = sin of unbelief

Righteousness = +R of our Lord

Judgment = the god of this world is judged.

Regeneration means the creation of a human spirit for the imputation of eternal life. The soul is the residence of human life; the human spirit is the residence of eternal life.

The fact that the believer in Jesus Christ is trichotomous is found in passages like 1Th 5:23; Phile 25;

Just as the soul is the residence for soul or human life, so the human spirit is the residence for eternal life.

  1. The third ministry of God the Holy Spirit is the baptism of the Spirit, which was prophesied in Acts 1:5; 1CO 12:13; Gal 3:26-28; Eph 4:5.

1CO 12:13   For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.

EPH 4:4-5,   There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism,

At the moment we believed in Christ, God the Holy Spirit took each one of us and entered us into union with the person of Jesus Christ.


  1. We share His eternal life (1Jo 5:11-2), giving us a double portion of eternal life.
  2. We also share His righteousness, giving us a double portion.
  3. We share Christ’s destiny under predestination.
  4. We share Christ’s election.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father, and he has been given a third royal title. We share in His royalty as His royal family.

We become a new spiritual species.


Once you are put into union with Christ (positional sanctification), you can never get out. There is no sin or human good or evil you can perform that can disqualify you from being in union with Christ.


The baptism of the Spirit is the basis for the new spiritual species and the royal family of God.   This is a unifying factor in the body of Christ as we have equal privilege and opportunity to execute God’s plan.

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  At the moment you believe in Christ, God the Holy Spirit indwells your body, 1Co 3:16, 6:19-20;     2Co 6:16; -- “Your body is a temple of the Spirit who is in you.”

The purpose of the indwelling of the Spirit is to provide a temple for the indwelling of Jesus Christ as the Shekinah Glory.

In the Holy of Holies, our Lord Jesus Christ dwelt between the cherubs as the Shekinah Glory. His presence there was a guarantee of blessing to Israel through their unconditional covenants.

Just as Christ indwelt the Holy of Holies in the temple in Jerusalem as a guarantee of blessing to Israel, so He indwells us as a guarantee of our escrow blessings.

For Jesus Christ is the escrow officer; He is the one who makes the distribution of our escrow blessings for time and for the eternal state.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit relates to the body of the believer, while the filling of the Holy Spirit relates to the soul of the believer.

The indwelling of Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit have nothing to do with your spiritual life experientially.

The filling of the Spirit is when the believer resides in the PPOG where he “walks by means of the Spirit,” where the Holy Spirit controls his soul, which is distinct from his body.At the moment of salvation we are all given the Filling of the Holy Spirit as taught in Eph 5:18; Gal 5:16.

We are filled with the Spirit at salvation when God the Holy Spirit takes us and enters us into the plan of God as our very own castle or palace, which comes from the PPOG leading to the PSD.

The believer in the PPOG is filled with the Spirit, which is the same as being under the enabling power of the Spirit, and this continues as long as he does not sin.

When we sin, we lose the filling of the Holy Spirit and enter into cosmic one or cosmic two. In cosmic one, we grieve the Spirit.

To recover the filling of the Spirit after sinning, we must use problem solving device #1, the rebound technique, found in 1Jo 1:9. The Sealing Ministry of the Holy Spirit is found in Eph 1:13-14, 4:30.

The sealing ministry of the Spirit is a signature guarantee of:

  1. The Holy Spirit’s ministry in efficacious grace.
  2. Eternal life.
  3. Eternal security in time.
  4. Your portfolio of invisible assets.


This is His ministry whereby the Holy Spirit signs the guarantee of our salvation, eternal life, eternal security, and portfolio of invisible assets.

He puts His signature to our lives that we actually have our portfolio and escrow blessings.

God provided certain blessings for every individual that He created with one purpose in mnd and that is to fulfill what the apostle Paul said in 1TI 2:3-4.

1TI 2:3-4,   This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who (He) desires all men to be saved and to come to the epignosis knowledge or the metabolized doctrine of the truth.

We have God’s will for the unbeliever which is the fact that He desires all men to be saved; Prt 1.The seventh ministry of God the Holy Spirit is “The Sovereign Distribution of Spiritual Gifts to each Believer.”God the Father was involved in the distribution of spiritual gifts as a witness to the strategic victory of Jesus Christ after His ascension. This began in the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union, HEB 2:4.

HEB 2:4  God also bearing witness with them, both by signs and wonders and by various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His own will.

God the Son was involved in the initial distribution of spiritual gifts to the first generation of the body of Christ or royal family.

This was a part of the distribution of blessings as a result of the triumph of our Lord Jesus Christ which terminated the dispensation of the Hypostatic Union, in His resurrection, ascension, and session. Eph 4:7-8.After the first generation of the royal family, God the Holy Spirit is involved in all subsequent distribution of spiritual gifts, 1Co 12:11.

The distribution of spiritual gifts at the moment of salvation is the manifestation of team action in the body of Christ.

When the harvest is past, branches must either be pruned by the vinedresser or taken away.


The disciples have shown the vitality of their fellowship with the Lord and they must also be subjected to the serious discipline that our Lord uses to control the human race from self-destruction.


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