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A look at the deceitfulness of faithlessness. Hosea. Part 7.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Israel will experience a great increase in population (1:10a);
In the nation there will be a great turning to God (1:10b);

The Northern and Southern Kingdoms will be reunified into a single nation (1:11a);

They will appoint themselves one head—who will be the Messiah (1:11b);

If you fail to function in your priesthood toward God, and your ambassadorship toward man, that divine discipline is inevitable. If you’re ever going to profit from this type of teaching you have to be objective.

The local assembly or the church was never designed to be a lonely hearts club. The local church was designed as a classroom to come and to learn Bible doctrine and to cope with life and to glorify the Lord.

And therefore under the principle of the priesthood you enter a church under privacy.

Impersonal love means I love you because of virtue honor and integrity in my soul.

The word love is the pres-act-ind of the verb…phileo, rather strange when you would expect agapao which is generally used for impersonal love.

Well first of all we must remember that all believers whether winners or losers, hot or lukewarm possess perfect righteousness. Secondly, God has divine personal love for His people.

And the reason that God can love a loser personally is because of His magnificent essence and integrity.

Remember impersonal love always emphasizes the subject. It is motivated by rapport therefore it is discriminating.

However when it is based upon the integrity of the subject, and you are the object, then you are the beneficiary. And therefore when TLJC is the subject and He loves you with personal love, and you are a loser and He loves you personally, that should be motive enough to recover from cosmic involvement.

There are 3 classifications of divine love
1} God’s love for God
2} God’s love for man
3} God’s love for angels

a. God’s impersonal love for all mankind which is manifested by the cross.
b. God’s personal love for those who possess His righteousness or those who are believers in Christ.

One of the 40 things that all believers receive at the moment of salvation is perfect righteousness. But those who believe in Christ possess that which makes God’s love personal…they have the righteousness of God.

First – there is divine impersonal love directed toward the entire human race.

There is divine personal love directed toward those who have the righteousness of God.

1. Believers who are living in the pre-designed plan of God and are winners.
2. And believers who are living in the cosmic system and are losers.

So whenever God expresses His love to believers He can express one of two ways to illustrate the type of love that is in view. He can use agapao or phileo.

1. Divine impersonal love is directed toward all believers as illustrated with logistical grace.

Losers and believers who have fallen away still have perfect righteousness.

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