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Love others with the same love you have for yourself.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Magi didn’t know where, but the Jews did. The Jews didn’t know the time but the knew the place. But here the twixt did not meet.

There is no common ground furnished by God, for a unique fellowship that is not based on God’s foundation and wisdom.

Christ found in yourself can find Christ in another. But if Christ is not found in yourself, then you will never see it in another.

It was all just like mankind, the ones that Christ came to save. They are either too scared, too arrogant, too ignorant.

In God’s way, when different people journeyed to find the One they were called to, they found each other.

God knowing full well that no one would accept His entrance into man’s world would be born into obscurity for most, but that obscurity would mean sweet fellowship for those few who found Him.

Let your guard down.

Christ loves the church because He sees in her something that He sees in Himself.

1. His Righteousness is the very reason why He gave His life so that He could have that righteousness. That’s the only love He needs.

2. His mind. Washing her with His word changes the heart of the believer from occupation with self to possession of the mind of Christ.

But when you dig His word and live it, no … make it you… yes you… then you open yourself up to His blessings, which glorify Him, i.e. give Him pleasure.

Christ loves the church because He loves Himself.

Since Christ uses His love of His church as an example of the love for a husband to his wife, the pattern for true love that brings glory to God and the spouses must be the same.

As his life is changed from selfish preoccupation to humble preoccupation with the beauty of the Lord and the plan of God, his new perspective gives him the ability to see this same glory in others.

“Suitable” – Semitic neged = to view or see from the other side.

Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love thy woman as thyself, but make sure you have the right love of yourself, which is personal love for God.

If that is true then you have the ability to recognize the one that God has provided.

No matter how long it takes to see it; you will love in another with the same virtuous things you love in yourself. And since you cannot love yourself without first loving God, then the word of God and the filling of the Holy Spirit become the training ground for true recognition.

The value within ourselves that is worthy of love, that we nourish as positive believers, becomes the cause for which we love what we see in our mates.

In this way the man becomes a lord or a kurios to his woman. And because of the virtue that he has seen in her, just like the virtue that Christ has seen in His “positive” church, he has confident expectation that that love will be reciprocated and that together they will be better.

Two souls in one spiritual foxhole who with Christ between them will be the three cord strand of
ECC 4:10 that cannot be easily broken.

Leaving our earthly father and mother, meaning to leave our ties to this world and clinging to Jesus Christ through His word, His fellowship, His Spirit, and His Father’s plan is the separation of one desire for the greatest good, glorification of our Lord and us with Him.

The Head of the body has given the men of doctrine the same joy that He experiences by being the Head of the Church.

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