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After making a decision to go forward with God, beware of the reversionists.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

1. A reversionist is someone who turns in the opposite way from the PPOG or is being turned by some system of false belief.

“will turn away” – fut-act-ind of the verb apostrepho

“will turn aside” – fut-pass-ind of the verb extrepo – they receive the action of being turned aside, they dont produce it.

2. A reversionist is someone who reverts to a former state, habit, belief, or a practice they use to live in before salvation, EPH 2:2, 2PE 2:22.

The process of reverting begins with implosion or exploding within by yielding to the temptations of the sin nature.

Implosion leads to explosion or fragmentation.

3. Someone who has max- control of the OSN over the life of the bel so that the bel functions under the dictates of the sin nature exactly as he did as an unbeliever.

4. A reversionist is someone who has lost their first love and has become lukewarm, REV 2:4; 3:16.

a. Reaction and distraction.
b. Frantic search for happiness.
c. Operation boomerang.
d. Emotional revolt of the soul.

e. Permanent negative volition.
f. Blackout of the soul.
g. Scar tissue of the soul.
h. Reverse process reversionism.

The reversionistic believer is negative toward doctrine, has entered mataiotes or the vacuum of the soul, and does not consistently use the rebound technique.

5. The reversionistic believer is under demon influence, 1TI 4:1.

Reversionism is a simple means of explaining that there are degrees of failure in the Christian life, just as there are degrees of success.

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