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Robert R. McLaughlin
Sunday, November 10, 2013

The spiritual meanings and spiritual application of EPH 6:15 which says to [ho­ld your grou­nd] after you have put on your combat boots on your feet with readiness, preparation, or the equipment of the gospel of peace.

Under operation footstool ­our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ al­ready had part one or the first part of the Triumphal

Procession which started after the cross and the ascension but won’t be over until the Second Advent.

When TLJC arrived in the presence of God the Father, He arrived as the conquering general and in front of Him all the fallen angels were in the triumphal procession as captives.

There was a moment on the earth when things were pretty quiet because all the demons were paraded by TLJC as He sat upon that throne as the hero and general of the Angelic conflict.

While God the Father and TLJC was canceling the debt of the sins for the entire human race something else was happen­ing….the fallen angels were also being publicly dis­played and ultimatel­y de­feated.

Point 1 was our Background and definition and preparation for the Triumphal Procession.

There was a custom in the ancient world after winning a war which was to bring the captives back and it was called a

Triumphal Procession or a march through the city of Rome.

A triumphal procession occurred when all the Old Testa­ment saints were transferred from Hades, the area called Paradise, into the third heaven.

EPH 4:8 refers to when it says  Therefore it [the Old Testa­ment] says, [a quotation from PSA 68:18] “When He ascended on high [into heaven­, He led captive a host of cap­tives, and He gave gifts to men.”

No believer ever permanently resided in heaven until the resurrection of TLJC.

In His great triumphal procession, He is the ultimate winner believer or Overcomer of all time.

Just as decorations and monetary gifts were given in any Triumphal Procession, so the same occurred in our Lord’s victory, He gave spiritual gifts unto men.”

EPH 4:8 says when it says….”When He as­cended on high [into heaven – a reference to the third heaven], He led captive a host of captives, and He gave gifts to men.”

(1) The transfer of the Old Testament believers from Hades or Paradise, a good part of Hell, all the way up to heaven.

(2)  And then secondly, there was also the initial distribution of spiritual gifts to the Royal Family of God.

EPH 4:8 says  “He led a host of captives in a Triumphal Procession, the captives who were being trans­ferred are Old
Testament saints who were “imprisoned” in Hades, waiting to be moved to the Third Heaven.

For although every Old Testament believer had believed in Chris­t, Christ had not yet been judged for their sins historically.

When all the sins were judged, the veil in the temple was split, and that was the beginning of the transfer of literally millions of Old Testament believers from Hades in the heart of the earth to heaven in a triumphal procession.

LUK 23:42-43,  And he was saying, “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!”And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”

When Old Testament believers died, their soul and spirit went into paradise. They followed in the Triumphal Procession of our Lord Jesus Christ as He ascended from earth to the third heaven.

EPH 4:8 refers to the transfer of the Old Testament saints from paradise to the third heaven, which Paul describes in 2CO 12:4 as the “new paradise.”

MAT 27:51-53.”And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, and the earth shook, and rocks were split,

This veil was almost a foot thick.    And only God himself could rip it.

God Himself ripped that veil to show that entrance into heaven was now available for not only Old Testament believers but for any believer who dies now.

The resurrection of these Old Testament believers was a part of the leading of the captives in Hades out of their captivity, and transferring them to the third heaven.

(1) The crown of righteousness. (2)  The crown of life. (3)  The incorruptible crown. (4)  The crown of rejoicing. (5)  The crown of glory.

The ultimate decoration for every believer in the Church-Age is the order of the morning star.

The winner who receives at least one of the crowns not only has vast estates in the eternal state, but he receives this decoration and others that go with it.

This decoration is taken from and named after our Lord’s third Royal Patent, “King of kings, Lord of lords, the bright morning star,”

REV 22:16  “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star.”

2PE 1:19  And so we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.

The order of the morning star is given to winners as the highest of all decorations in escrow blessings given by God.   It is a part of the new order of chivalry in the eternal state for the Royal Family.

This decoration is awarded for the maintenance of spiritual maturity in what may be called an ultra supergrace status.

REV 2:26,28, “furthermore, the winner, even he who keeps my assignments [execution of the predesigned plan of God] until the end [perpetuation of spiritual maturity through evidence testing], to him I will give authority over the nations.”
Verse 28, “furthermore I will give to him the order of the morning star.”

The mature believer will be a king over a Gentile nation and rule during the Millennium.

LUK 19:17 “Well done, good slave, because you have been faithful in a very little thing, be in authority over ten cities.”

LUK 19:19 “And he said to him also, ‘And you are to be over five cities.

REV 22:16  “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to declare these things to you for the churches; I am the root [Jesus Christ as eternal God], and the descendent of David [Jesus Christ in hypostatic union], the bright morning star [His title for the first and second advents].”

Bible doctrine is related to Christ as the morning star in 2PE 1:19‑21, “and the morning star has come up” (second advent).

Prin-The order of the morning star is named after our Lord’s royal title and is given for historical impact in the Church-Age.

These believers can eat from the tree of life in the paradise of God, located in the New Jerusalem.

(1)  The uniform of honor, being invisible and worn in the soul, is exchanged at the judgment seat of Christ for the translucent uniform of glory worn over the resurrection body.

It was first modeled by Jesus Christ on the mount of transfiguration, Mat 17, “And His clothes became white as light.”

The uniform of glory is given as a translucent light which covers the resurrection body, REV 3:4‑5, “they will walk with Me in whites…”.

(2)  The name of the winner appears on the honors list, and he is presented in the court of heaven during the tribulation on earth.

REV 3:5   “Thus the winner shall be clothed in white garments and I will never blot out his title [the winner is knighted at the judgment seat of Christ] out of the book of life.  In fact I will acknowledge his title in the presence of my father and before his angels [a formal presentation].”

(3)  A new order of knighthood and eternal order of chivalry will be added to the believer’s name in the Lamb’s book of life forever, REV 2:17 cf COL 3:4,6.

REV 2:17, “To the winner, I will give him blessing from the hidden manna [escrow blessing for time and eternity]; also I will give him a white pebble [the resurrection body, God’s final vote of justification  they voted with colored pebbles in the ancient world]

On that white pebble has been inscribed a new title [your royal patent in the eternal heraldry] which no one knows [you are an anonymous hero during the Church-Age].”

(4)  The winner will rule with Christ during the Millennium.

(5)  The winner’s name is recorded in the permanent historical record section because of his invisible historical impact during the Church-Age, REV 3:12a.

REV 3:12  “The winner, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God.  Furthermore, he will never again vanish [go outside] from history.  Also I will emblazon on him the title of My God, and the name of the city of My God.

The New Jerusalem, which shall descend from heaven from My God; also My new title. [King of kings, Lord of lords, bright morning star].”

(6)  The winner receives his own coat of arms of glory, REV 3:12b.

(7)  The winner has special privileges related to the tree of life, the gazebo of the garden, called the paradise of God.

You are a member of a special club with special parties to which only you are invited; you’re a member of the paradise club forever, REV 2:7,14.

REV 2:7  “To the winner, I will give to him the privilege of eating from the tree of life which is in the paradise of God.”

REV 22:14  “Blessed are they [winners] who have washed their robes [rebound], that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city [New Jerusalem].”

2JO 1:8 Watch yourselves, that you might not lose what we have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward.

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