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What it means to be initiated into the secret of the mystery. Part 95. The doctrine of jealousy. Part 2.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Arrogance toward self, subjective arrogance.
Possessiveness of others, objective arrogance.

Point 2. For the believer rejection of Bible doctrine produces envy and jealousy, 1TI 6:3-4.

Jealousy is discontent with the blessings, successes, or status symbols of other people.

MAR 15:10 For He [TLJC] was aware that the chief priests had delivered Him over to the Romans because of jealousy.

Point 3. Jealousy is a self-destructive mental attitude and a system of thinking from the Cosmos.

Disorder - noun - akatastasia = instability, disorder, commotion, and confusion.

Point 4. Jealousy like many of the mental attitude sins can produce physical sickness as well as mental disorder.

PRO 14:30 A tranquil heart is life to the body, But jealousy is rottenness to the bones.
JOB 5:2 For jealousy slays the foolish man and anger kills the stupid.

Point 5. Jealousy is the worst of all the mental attitude sins because it is the strongest mental attitude sin.

Jealousy belongs to several categories of personal sinning:
The arrogance complex of sins.
The emotional complex of sins.

Since jealousy is defined as unpleasant fear, suspicion, resentment from mistrust of another, it is obvious that jealousy, as a sin, is part of the arrogance complex of sins and the emotional complex of sins.

Bitterness, vindictiveness, implacability, inordinate ambition and competition, revenge motivation, or verbal sins.

a. The hysterical category of sins which includes fear - fear of rivalry, fear of losing someone’s affection, fear of unfaithfulness in some form - worry, anxiety, panic, consternation, irrationality, dissociation.

b. The hatred category - uncontrollable anger, implacable hatred, bitter resentment, implacable vindictiveness, loathing, animosity, tantrums, violence, murder.

c. The self-centered category which includes self-pity, emotional irrationality, certain expressions of dissatisfaction including gossip, slander, maligning, and other forms of vilification.

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