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Meet the Great Red Dragon, Part 7. Without a harness, we are rebellious and out of control.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Successful human life = the variety of the ability on the part of the individual to produce energy, but energy without velocity in life is useless.

Once you pull the pin on a grenade, and release the button, the grenade detonates and it goes in all directions.

Since the believer continues to possess the old sin nature after salvation, he is a walking grenade.

Being tempted by the sin nature is not sin; only when volition pulls the pin of the grenade does the believer sin.

Once the believer fragments his life, he has one of the major problems that come to believers – distraction, fear, rejection, dying, wrong timing, etc.

Manifestations of arrogance include jealousy, bitterness, hatred, vindictiveness, implacability, self-pity, self-righteous arrogance, self-centeredness, motivational and functional revenge, slander, maligning, gossip, judging, inordinate ambition, and inordinate competition.

Turn to PRO 29:23

PSA 59:12 “let them be caught in their arrogance.”

JAM 3:15 – pseudo-wisdom is fragmented living resulting in intellectual arrogance or false doctrine.

Turn to HEB 12:15

Turn to REV 12:4

Turn to EPH 4:31

a. Malice is the desire and the motivation of the fragmented believer to inflict suffering and injury on others.

b. Malice is motivated by jealousy, hatred, bitterness, vindictiveness, implacability, self-pity, and revenge motivation followed by revenge modus operandi.

When a bullet is fired from a gun, it goes through the barrel and its velocity is carrying it toward its target.

Turn to Luke 12

Many believers become subjective and hyper-sensitive.

Many times these types of individuals can be high-spirited and intellectually and emotionally undisciplined.

Distressed – pres-pass-ind – sunechomai = to be pressured or under stress.

2TI 4:5 But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

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