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Messianic Prophecy. Part 2.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

o epaggelia [the epaggelia] noun, 53 occurrences. 1 announcement. 2 promise. 2a the act of promising, a promise given or to be given. 2b a promised good or blessing.

“The promises” - o epaggelia = the Jews, the Israelites, had received the various promises of Messianic salvation, while the Gentiles had been strangers to the covenant of promise, EPH 2:12.

“Messiah” = a transliteration of an Aramaic-Hebrew word meaning “the anointed one” or a consecrated person (as a king, priest, or saint).

Greek equivalent - Christos = the anointed one or the Messiah; where our Lord gets His title “Christ.”

The term “Messianic prophecy” refers to a compilation of over one hundred predictions (conservative estimate) in the Old Testament promising the Kingdom of God and salvation through the future King or Messiah of the Jewish people.

For us, Messianic Prophecy is the study of the Old Testament prophecies about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with particular emphasis on Christ’s work on the Cross.

“What do you think of Christ, whose Son is He?”

The promises that are magnified here in Romans 9 are what we call Messianic prophecies, the promises made to Israel concerning the Messiah, the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s get cracking seeing how this word epaggelia is used in the New Testament.

They were filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in the known foreign tongues which were spoken by Jews from many nations who had gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish feast of Pentecost.

Peter is presenting the Gospel first to the Jews in Jerusalem, exactly as the Lord had specified in Luke 24:47.

Here is the direct Messianic prophecy concerning Israel’s King known as the Davidic Covenant.
It appears in the Old Testament in 2SA 7:12-13; PSA 89:3; PSA 132:11.

Peter is saying that David, the greatest Old Testament king that the Jews ever had, and the writer of most of the Psalms in the Hebrew Bible - that David had looked ahead to the direct fulfillment of Messianic Prophecy and in fact predicted the resurrection of the Christ!

If you want to witness to a Jewish person, it really helps to show that folks like David, Moses, Abraham, and the prophets (like Isaiah - especially Isaiah) spoke of Jesus Christ as THEIR Savior.

The Jews in salvation history have received the various promises of Messianic salvation.

It is from the Jews that salvation is to go out to the nations. But the sons of Abraham include those who believe like him and not merely physical descendants.

Jesus Christ, in His person, work, and kingship, is the fulfillment of all of the promises that God gave the “fathers” or the nation of Israel.

The promises have been fulfilled in Christ.
He is the Yes of the promises of God.

Jesus Christ is the true Heir of the promise.

One of the profound manifestations of the faithfulness of God to Israel consists of the tremendous and incessant prophecies and pleading that the Lord made on Israel’s behalf.

We are going to do a little study of all that the Lord did for His vineyard Israel in the realm of Messianic prophecy.

God has temporarily set aside Israel as His chosen vessel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in. That will occur at the Rapture when the Royal Family will be complete.

Did God provide them in their Hebrew Scriptures with the facts concerning Christ so that they are without excuse

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