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In the midst of danger, there is a place of refuge, inside the Predesigned Plan of God.

Friday, July 18, 2003

You are in the Church-age as a member of the royal family and you are not going to die before your time appointed by God, assuming you are of positive volition, and you are functioning inside the PPOG.

Even though you may face the greatest possible historical disaster, instead of death, there is a place of refuge.

Because the PPOG in this dispensation is the place of refuge, in the Church-age, it is not the geographical location that really matters, it is the plan of God.

No matter how bad things become historically, the prosperity provided in the PPOG is extended to believers in disaster, as in time of historical prosperity.

No matter what the circumstances of life may be, he is not changed by the circumstances, and he is not a slave to circumstances.

He has passed the adversity and the pressure test, and with the gift from Philippi, Paul will pass the prosperity test.

He was just as happy in poverty as he was in prosperity because he had +H, God’s happiness.

The victory for the Christian is to face the situations in life with total stability so that you are not a slave to your circumstances.

“Learned” – manthano = to become a disciplined student of the Word of God.

“Content” – autarches = to be self-sufficient or independent from circumstances.

“Get along with humble means” – pres-pass-inf – tapeinooie = how to handle being abased, degraded, humiliated, or pressured.

Present tense = he can handle situations that continue for a certain length of time despite the pressures the situations may bring.

Passive voice = you receive from these circumstances pressure and humiliation, and it is God’s purpose for you to face every situation in life rightly related to the grace of God.

Pres-pass-inf – perisseuo = how to handle prosperity. It means to have over and above what we need or to live in prosperity.

The key to living in humility and prosperity is that though circumstances vary, grace does not.

“Secret” – mueo = I have been instructed or initiated into the mystery.
“Mueo” – musterion, translated mystery.

Chortazo – “being filled” = well fed or satisfied.

Peiano – active voice = you make your own adversity.

Verse 13 – “I can do” – escheuo = to have endowed power, not your own.

“By means of the one” who endunamoo’s me, or to empower, to strengthen someone with something.

“I have endowed power for all things by means of the one who keeps on pouring the power into me.”

HEB 4:12 – the word of God is alive and powerful.

The abomination of desolation is the image of the dictator of the revived Roman Empire in the Tribulation.

This dictator is a political ruler of the revived Roman Empire, but he is the religious leader of world religion, ecumenical religion, and the key to the worship is the image of this dictator.

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