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That He might make known the riches of His Glory upon the vessels of honor.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skeuos – used for containers in the ancient world and here is without a definite article, and the absence here of the definite article emphasizes the high price that God sets on all unbelievers.

Ultimately, mankind, even in his lost state, has been created so that God might make known the riches of His glory upon vessels of mercy which He prepared beforehand for glory.

“This vessel was prepared beforehand for glory” = Man’s free will can become the equipment for eternal blessing or eternal condemnation.

It is not God’s will that any should perish, 2PE 3:9, but that all men should be saved, 1TI 2:3-4; this should be the mind of Christ as manifested in the believer.

The fact that every member of the human race has their names written down in the book of life offers potential salvation for the entire human race but restricts actual salvation to those who believe in Christ.

God even knew the billions of people that would not believe in Christ and He still provided salvation for them just the same; that is the impersonal love of
JOH 3:16.

The Doctrine of the Book of Life.
Point 1. Definition.
1. In eternity past the book of life is a registry containing the names of every member of the human race who would ever be born.

In time, the book of life has to do with members of the human race who are alive as well as a registry of all believers and also those rewarded as a winner believer or overcomer. In eternity, it is the registry of all believers forever.

Therefore, in eternity future only the names of believers are in the book of life, PHI 4:3;
REV 13:8; REV 17:8; REV 20:12,15, 21:7.

If not, you are going to be confused by this because in eternity this book also contains the new title of royalty for each winner believer or overcomer.

An ancient custom was to keep the various kinds of genealogical records as in a book known as a book of life as in NEH 7:5.

They would also have a book of life for registering citizens for numerous purposes,
JER 22:30; EZE 13:9.

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